Just A Little More Grandfather Research Results

27 Apr

My Grandfather’s Mysterious First Marriage Research continues, and that of his Mystery Wife.

I had recently acquired this photo of my Grandfather, no date or details along with it:

Yesterday I contacted Baker University, where my Grandfather attended in 1925-26.

I had contacted them in 2002, and they had sent me a couple of photos from their 1925 yearbook of my Grandfather. But, I told yesterday’s contact the name of the High School Sweetheart and of my Grandfather, and she turned up with some additional information.
It turns out the the above photo was his 1925 school photo. Spot him there – 4th down, far right?

And, while we knew he played basketball on the men’s team there, since Baker had sent me this picture when I first contacted them almost a decade ago:

My contact from yesterday sent me this different photo:

She also sent me these pages from the 1925 yearbook:

Turns out, his High School Sweetheart followed him to Baker University. See her name there – the 1st under “pledges” – Mildred Braden.

Try to identify her on the page of women’s pictures.

Here she is as a senior in high school in 1924:

So far, this is where my trail ends, other than the 1930 Census. Mildred only attended the college for 1 year. Grandfather went for 2 years.

What happened next? According to the 1930 census, they married around 1927. And, he married my Grandmother in early 1934.

Maybe I have to go to Kansas to scour newspapers? Is that the next step?

If anyone has Genealogy advise, I could sure use some right about now!




3 Responses to “Just A Little More Grandfather Research Results”

  1. Johnny D April 27, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    I think it’s amazing that you’ve unearthed so much info from so long ago!

  2. sallanscorner May 19, 2011 at 3:16 pm #

    Thanks – I’m about to post an update!


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