1960’s Advertising – See It All In The March Issue Of Newsweek

13 Jan

I read in Ad Age that the upcoming March issue of Newsweek is going to be 1960’s-themed throughout – the cover, the content, even the ads!

Form the article:

Newsweek is planning an issue marking the return of “Mad Men” this March by adopting the magazine’s 1960s design throughout — all the way, it hopes, to the ads.

The “Mad Men”-themed issue, which will be dated March 19, will include a cover story on the series and a feature on the role of advertising in U.S. culture.”

As someone who works in advertising (and Hubby as well), I can’t wait to see this issue. It will be very interesting to see if advertisers (and the agencies producing the ads) come up with true 60’s style ads – and if they will be a one-off, or if they will run in other publications as well.

Of course, a major advertiser in the 1960’s – the cigarette industry – will be missing from this retro issue of Newsweek.

But, who will be in?

We’ve challenged agencies and clients to do ’60s-inspired creative, but for modern messages and products,” said Rob Gregory, president at Newsweek Daily Beast.”

I love ads from the past. They are always much more interesting to me than ads of today. There is a wonderful series of books called “All American Ads” by Jim Heimann – there is a different book in the series for each decade.

Because of my family research (which harks back to the 20’s) and my general fascination of the 1920’s, I have the book “All American Ads Of The 1920’s”.

Its Amazon review says in part:

It’s gripping to watch sex and status try to outdo each other in selling 1920s cars: the snooty Pierce Arrow associates itself with wealthy Century Club types, while the Ford Fordor stresses the populist $660 price and the flapper struggling to keep the wind from whipping her perilously brief hem over her head.”

I also have the 1960’s issue.

I mean – can I just live in that room?? I LOVE everything about it – well, maybe not the small TV – give me that room with my current TV and I’ll be a happy camper!

I love these books of the advertising world of the past, and I hope that the March issue of Newsweek captures some of this 60’s charm without crossing into cheesiness.

Another quote from the Ad Age article:

The design team is examining back issues for guidance. “From ’64 to ’69, Newsweek had this super-slick, dead-simple modern look to it,” said Dirk Barnett, creative director at Newsweek Daily Beast. “The ads were in color. For the most part, everything else was in black and white with thin, red lines.”

And, after Newsweek whets our 1960’s whistle, the ultra-popular TV show “Mad Men” finally returns – season 5 premiers on March 25.

I hear it’s the first episode directed by Jon Hamm.

Welcome to 1966!






4 Responses to “1960’s Advertising – See It All In The March Issue Of Newsweek”

  1. Hubby January 13, 2012 at 1:55 pm #

    I look forward to the special Newsweek and I’m really excited about the return of “Mad Men”!

  2. margiesmom January 13, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

    I just love the 60’s and I am with you on the room. Everything except the tv!!

  3. desireephillipps February 1, 2012 at 1:59 am #

    Conceptually I prefer small tvs.

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