Answers To “Where On Earth Is SAllan?”

26 Apr

Sadly, voter turnout for this game was pitifully low – I guess I really stumped everyone.

I didn’t think it was so hard, but then I guess I knew all the answers  😉

So, without further ado:

1. Wrigley Field, Chicago

See the bleachers across the street? I thought those were a dead giveaway! Hubby, I’m shocked…

2. Loch Ness, Scotland

I though that this one was the toughest of all – but later, there is a picture from London, so I thought the intrepid detective could put 2 and 2 together – London, Lake, Castle = Loch Ness!

3. Stone Mountain, Ga.

The Moose got this one right. Congrats, Moose!

4. Julia Child’s kitchen, in The Smithsonian Musium in Washington, D.C.

Moose, you should have known this one!

5. Chinatown, San Francisco

Moose thought Chinatown, NY – but look at that steep hill that the cars are on – clearly San Fran!

6. The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN

Hubby knew this, but then he didn’t play, so it doesn’t count.

7. Napa, California (wine country)

Can’t you tell by the happy look on my face?? Moose wins #7.

8. Ben’s Chili Bowl, in Washington D.C.

Moose guessed Ben’s – but that wasn’t too much of a stretch – she needed to add the city. See the picture of Obama on the wall? That nails it…

9. Tikal, in Guatemala

Moose guessed Belize, Hubby guessed Mexico – close, but no cigar.

10. The Capital Records Building in Los Angelis

Hubby of course knew this one, but again – he didn’t officially play.

11. Jolly old London, England.

nuff said.

12. Portland, Maine.

Moose offered 2 guesses – shouldn’t really count, but I’ll give it to her.

13. Arizona.

I think Saguro cacti are synonymous with Arizona…

14. Graceland in Memphis, Tn.

Moose won #14 – Hubby knew it too – What else can I say about The King’s entranceway?

15. Mardi Gras, in New Orleans, LA.

Hubby, again I AM SHOCKED. Where else combines beads and masks?? Moose did guess this one, but not Hubby.

Well, again – I thought this was a fun and easy game.

Clearly, I am alone in this assessment.

No more games for you.




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