Spare Change?

14 Jan

I posted not too long ago about my spare change.

The value of a penny.

Well, according to this news article, travelers passing through United States airports have A LOT of spare change.

It’s reported that in 2011, $409,085.56 was collected by the TSA – money that travelers drop into the bins at airport security, and then dash to their planes without recollecting their money.

Here are the amounts that were collected at the nation’s “top spots”:

New York’s JFK Airport: $46,918.06

Los Angeles International Airport: $19,110.83

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport: $16,523.83

San Francisco International Airport: $15,908.02

Miami International Airport: $15,844.83

Washington’s Dulles International Airport: $13,945.18


I stop for a penny!

I’d be curious to know how much is left behind by International travelers who just don’t want to bother exchanging currency.

Currently, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) pockets the money that is left behind at the security checkpoints.

I’ll bet that’s about to CHANGE!





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