Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

4 Jan

During the holiday break, hubby and I watched the classic “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?”. It’s out on DVD with lots of extras, which we haven’t gotten to yet. Just watched the movie – and WOW! The movie from 1962 still has what it takes. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor. It’s fantastic!

Now, not saying this in disrespect to the original, but just to take this posting to another level – what do you think of a remake of this movie staring Donny and Marie Osmond? Who would play which part?

They were just here on Broadway; Froggy paid them a visit.

(You don’t know Froggy? Well, more about him later. This is ALL about Donny and Marie.)

I was a big fan of The Osmonds back in my bubblegum days.

I’m the red-eyed dork here in 1971.

But, back to the remake. I think I can see Marie as the Betty Davis character – here’s her doll they can use in the movie:

Of course, there are lots of dolls put out by Marie that do not resemble her, but I think this Marie doll is perfectly spooky enough for the movie.

Then, Donny will have to play the Joan Crawford character of the sibling in the wheel chair.

I can really see this, can’t you? Who’s going to contact their agent?




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