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Froggy Goes To DC

25 Feb

Froggy wants to tell you about his trip to Washington DC.

He LOVED it there!!

He only spent a long weekend, and he jam-packed it with monuments, museums and mouth-watering good eats!

He felt great patriotic pride, and he was in awe of the history and splendor.

One of the first places he headed to was the International Spy Museum.


He was duly impressed by the miniature weapons, cameras and other concealable spy devices – just the right size for a frog.

He ate at Ben’s Chili Bowl – YUM!

It was a little messy, but he managed to not drip a drop of chili on his clothes.

He tells me not to forget to mention The National Gallery of Art.

And – here’s a little quiz for you – who can guess where Froggy is in this picture??

Froggy had one heck of a time! In fact, he wants to go back real soon…


SAllan (and Froggy!)


A Day In The Life Of Froggy In New York City

5 Nov

Froggy has been mentioned here before.

You’ve maybe seen a picture or two…

But, he’s never quite been featured.

And he’s not really happy about that.

In fact, he recently let it be known that he’s quite displeased.

VERY displeased.

You see, Froggy feels very important in our household.

After all, he was with Hubby’s Mom when she was in the hospital, when Hubby was born (see Froggy on her bedside table?).

(Froggy just tried to get me to type “Oh so very long ago” up there on the last line, but I refused! That’s the kind of trouble-maker Froggy can be.)

Back to our tale… Froggy has been a big part of Hubby’s world ever since.

So, at Froggy’s suggestion, he is featured here today – A Day In The Life.

First, he pretends to catch a train to the big city.

His destination? Grand Central Terminal.

After a few minutes of people-watching there, he hastens over to Times Square.

Froggy likes the hustle and bustle, he does.

He wanders around. He’s not really a tourist, but sometimes he acts like one.

Froggy is in awe of those tall buildings.

Froggy doesn’t know any strangers – to him, they are only people (or frogs) that he has not yet met.

On an average day, he meets many new friends.

Like this astronaut.

“Hiya! Hiya! Hiya!”

After all of this excitement, Froggy wants to take a lunch break.

His favorite food?

Pizza, of course!

Yum – that was tasty!

Froggy licks his lips, and is ready for more adventure.

He heads into Toys-R-Us.

And almost gets devoured  by a giant dinosaur!

Froggy, DUCK!

Whew – close call!

After this traumatic encounter, Froggy wants to sit for a while and just be pampered.

After all, it’s what any frightened frog deserves.

So, he settles down and waits for a shoe shine.

Scurrying away from those Jaws Of Death caused Froggy to scuff the toes of his shoes.

And that, my friends, is a day in the life of a frog named Froggy.



P.S. Froggy insists that I add – “in New York City.”

“A day in the life of a frog named Froggy in New York City.”

Because, he HAS been other places…

Froggy Says: “Don’t You Dare Miss The Mermaid Parade This Saturday At Coney Island!”

16 Jun

My friend Froggy made a special visit to me today, to remind me that this Saturday, June 18 is the famous Mermaid Parade at Coney Island.

He desperately wants to go – he’s never been to the parade before, but he’s heard fantastic stories about it.

Froggy loves girls, and he is pretty darned sure that he’ll love mermaids just as well.

He wants me to tell you about how he met, and got close to, Marilyn when he was in Las Vegas:

But I had to remind him that this is supposed to be a kids-friendly blog site!

So, instead – he just asked me  to tell you how much he loves Coney Island.

He went to the Rockabilly Festival there a couple of years ago, and Froggy had a blast!

He adores the beach, and watching the girls soaking up the sun.

He loves the Parachute Drop. He wanted to climb up to the top. Froggy is not afraid of heights – oh no, not Froggy. But I told him that he shouldn’t…

I inticed him to stay on the ground by showing him some of the food to be had:

Froggy can REALLY cause trouble after he’s had a Cold Beer!

Okay, okay Froggy! He wants me to show you his favorite rides.

The Cyclone:

and The Wonder Wheel:

He LOVES the arcades!

and all of the games – especially this one:

And, Froggy really loves Coney Island when the sun goes down

and he can see all of the pretty lights!

Froggy loves the simple things in life!

Here’s information about the parade route:

Froggy says, “Check out the website, and hopefully I’ll see you there on Saturday!!”

Froggy is definitely excited about this! He’ll meet his very first mermaid!!!

I think it’ll be Love At First Sight.



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