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The Hot Dog War – Oscar Mayer vs Ball Park – Which Do You Choose?

17 Aug

Have you heard about the two dogs who sued each other?

I just read this news report; Really, folks. Now, Really?

Oscar Mayer and Ball Park are suing each other on claims of false advertising.

The judge in the Chicago courtroom said “Let the wiener wars begin.”

He also said “I already have my favorite, and it’s none of the brands on trial.”


Apparently, Oscar Mayer boast that its dogs beat out Ball Park franks in a national taste test.

Ballpark run ads claiming its product was “America’s best (franks),” and others “aren’t even in the same league”.

And now, Kraft (Oscar Mayer) and Sara Lee (Ball Park) are mad at each other.

I’m just hungry!

I’m also really surprised at how many hot dog/wiener-type photos that I have taken over the years. (No rude jokes, please.)

I guess I like hot dogs.

When I was a kid, I loved my Oscar Mayer whistle.

I really wish that I still had it.

I wonder if the choice is a demographic one? My mom always bought Oscar Mayer dogs. Now, if I buy grocery store dogs, I’d likely reach for Oscar Mayer, as well.

But, I usually get my dog from somewhere outside the home…

I like Nathan’s Coney Island dogs:

I like Ben’s Chili Bowl dogs:

I like wieners with onions and peppers:

Did I mention that I like Nathan’s Coney Island dogs?

I like grillin’ outdoor dogs:

I even like store dogs – picking out which you want to buy – before you cook and hungrily devour:

From an advertising point, it will be interesting to see who will be The Top Dog in this court case, and how the outcome may alter advertising claims in the future.

What, Truth In Advertising??




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