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Time For Reflections

10 Jan

At the beginning of a new year, it’s common to reflect back upon one’s past year.

What’s working nicely? What might best be changed?

As a photographer though, “reflections” take me to a whole other place…

There’s always an interesting reflection nearby, if I take the time to see it.

Car windows are fantastic “mirrors”.

As, of course, are water puddles.

Here are Hubby and I, looking rather “American Gothic”.

And another reflective view me (and do you see Hubby in the center? This one is a little freaky!):

In a furniture showroom:

Another puddle reflection:

A store-front window:

Snapped while browsing our local weekend street fair:

Winter trees:

Life is pretty good. I don’t think I’d change too much… maybe just one or two little things…

I can’t think of reflections, without thinking of one of my favorite songs from around 1970.

Reflections Of My Life, by The Marmalade.

What are you reflecting upon today?



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