Coney Island “Boardwalk” Vs. Coney Island “Slabwalk”

9 Jan

Recently I posted this picture and yearned for this coming spring when I will be here again:

Alas! I just read on this website that the Parks Department wants to replace all but 4 blocks of this beautiful, historic boardwalk with concrete slabs.

This picture, from the website link above and from Silversalty (via flickr), shows some of the “boardwalk” that has already been replaced with concrete:

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But first, please go here to sign the petition – “send a message to New York’s Parks Department to tell them that the choice is not between saving the rainforest and saving the Boardwalk — the correct choice is to do both”!

This 89-year-old icon has endured through two World Wars, a plethora of political administrations, and the ravages of nature’s wrath for nearly a century, but it may not survive the myopic stewardship of the very agency to whom its care is entrusted.

If the Parks Department has its way, the Boardwalk will be turned into a concrete sidewalk! Their explanation for this choice is the citywide dictate to limit the use of rainforest wood, but there are in fact many other options available.

Stop the use of rainforest wood, and replace it with one of the available sustainable domestic hardwoods such as Black Locust or White Oak for the surface decking (the part that we all see and on which we walk). The support structure underneath should be made from recycled plastic lumber, which the U.S. Army has used to build bridges that support tanks and locomotives. This design would be both cost-effective and desirable, and, most importantly, would preserve the basic elements of what makes the wondrous Coney Island Boardwalk a boardwalk.”

Please sign the petition!

Thank you.




2 Responses to “Coney Island “Boardwalk” Vs. Coney Island “Slabwalk””

  1. Ellen Girone January 9, 2012 at 12:26 pm #

    No CONCRETE! Signed sealed and delivered. Concrete? Really? That would be such a horrible thing! Talk to you soon.

    • sallanscorner January 11, 2012 at 11:09 am #

      Thanks Ellen! I knew I could count on you!!!

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