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Today Elvis would have been 77 – A Remembrance By Froggy

8 Jan

Elvis was born on this day – 77 years ago – in 1935.

Happy birthday, Elvis!

Froggy, here. I took over today’s blog, because I LOVE Elvis!

I had the great pleasure of visiting Graceland. I’ll show you some photographic proof, I will!

Here’s The King’s living room.

and here I am in his living room!

Elvis had this wonderful playroom – just imagine! THREE TVs!!

I could have stayed here all day…

Elvis’s room with walls and walls of gold records was mesmerizing!

After this swell visit to Graceland, I also went to Sun Studio, where Elvis made his great first recordings.

I even got to pose in front of a couple of his guitars!

To celebrate Elvis Presley’s birthday today, my friend Steve Forbert is offering a FREE download of his band performing live a ROCKING version of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ – just by going here.

It’s FREE and it’s GREAT and it’s a WONDERFUL tribute to Elvis by my friend Steve Forbert.

“This is the rockabilly version of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ that Elvis never recorded,” says Steve.

Yay for Elvis , Yay for Steve!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programing.

I’m going to go listen to ‘Heartbreak Hotel’!



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