Ruby’s Is Back, Baby!

6 Jan

I wrote back in the fall about Ruby’s Bar and Grill at Coney Island being closed down and bulldozed to make room for newer, cleaner, “better”.

I am so happy to report officially that I have been proven WRONG!

The owners at Ruby’s have been in lengthy negotiations with the company who is “revitalizing” the Coney Island boardwalk.

As have the owners of Paul’s Daughter – another Mom & Pop landmark that seemed destined to go under.

Background from this WNYC news story:

“The Bloomberg administration gave Central Amusement International a 10-year contract to oversee the boardwalk and operate the Luna Park amusement area. At first, the company had said it wanted to bring in new eateries and businesses to spruce up the boardwalk and be open year round. 

But CAI changed its tune after plans for an upscale restaurant with a Miami-based company fell through. Now, the amusement company has signed eight year leases with Ruby’s and Paul’s Daughter, two mom and pop businesses that have been operating for decades.

The two restaurants have agreed to invest thousands of dollars to update their facades and renovate their interiors as part of the deal.”

I had read that this Miami-based company had opened an ice cream stand last year on Coney Island, and when they weren’t as successful as they expected, they pulled out of the deal. I guess the lousy economy has a small golden lining…

I’m so happy for Ruby’s and for Paul’s Daughter!

But, they won’t exactly be the “dive bar” and “dive clam shack” that we’ve been accustomed to.

Here is a rendering of the plans for the “new” Coney Island boardwalk – courtesy of WNYC and CAI:

It looks like a strip mall.  😦

Well, I’ll wait and see.

Ruby’s website says “Its Official! We have signed a new 8 year lease. We look forward to seeing our loyal friends and customers for many years.”

I’m willing to  stay positive.

At least, with the money invested for interior renovations, it’s likely that Ruby’s restroom will be repaired!

I’m looking forward to visiting Ruby’s in the spring. Long live the king!

And oh, how I long for this sight, and the smell of the ocean air!




2 Responses to “Ruby’s Is Back, Baby!”

  1. Hubby January 6, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    Boy, that mock-up really does look like a strip mall!

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