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Eagerly Awaiting Season 2 Of “Downton Abbey” – Or, Hubby Is So Annoying!

5 Jan

Here in America, the eagerly-awaited season 2 of the PBS show “Downton Abbey” premiers this Sunday, January 8, 2012.

Hubby had thoroughly enjoyed season 1, watching it as it aired and raving to me constantly about it.

“Why don’t you blog about it?” he asked me on numerous occasions.

“Why would I blog about a TV show that I’ve never watched, and know nothing about?” I would respond.

Hubby know that I love the time period that the show recreates.

I have been obtaining and scanning family photos from the 19-teens and 1920s and LOVING them. Ah, the costumes…

Here’s my Grandmother TG, a warmly snug young girl in about 1915:

And, here’s my other Grandmother with her sister – two lovely flappers – sometime in the 1920s:

Hubby knows that I love this era. He knew that I would love the TV show.

Still, somehow I resisted him.

My friend Doug was also raving about “Downton Abbey”. “Those costumes!” he sighed.

My ears perked up somewhat.

Hubby asked Santa for season 1 on DVD. Santa delivered.

One day, during the holiday break, I saw that DVD box just sitting on the table.

I decided to watch the first episode.

I watched the entire season in one day.

I was hooked.

“Compulsively watchable from the get-go” – I’ll say!

And now, Hubby and I both – along with most of America it seems, are eagerly awaiting season 2, Sunday night.

Was I the last to succumb to this marvelous show?

Wikipedia tells us that “in September 2011, the show entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the ‘most critically acclaimed television show’ for the year, becoming the first British show to win the award. It beat American shows “Mad Men” and “Modern Family” to the title.”

Hubby is SO annoying!

But I must concede, he is also often quite right.

I love the scenery, the actors, the costumes.

(In my mind’s eye however, I still see Maggie Smith in her robes fighting the Dark Forces!)

In “Downton Abbey” – Dame Smith as Violet, Dowager Countess Of Grantham – is of course amazing. And, often dressed in incredible purple hats and dresses.

“Ah, the costumes!” I sigh.

Wasn’t I pleased to see a gift shop on the “Downton Abbey” website!

Not only do they have for sale DVDs and books, but also jewelry and accessories.

If you love this kind of look – you can purchase 1920-era necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

I love this luxuriously long pearl necklace and matching diamante earring set:

Or, how about this lovely antique jet glass bracelet and earring set:

Hubby would certainly be quite dashing in this herringbone cap:

I adore this plum hat:

My Grandmother TG would have loved “Downton Abbey”.

She would have fit right in!

Thank you, Hubby. How did I ever resist you?



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