I Love My Schlumbergera!

31 Dec

I love my Schlumbergera!

Actually, I didn’t even know that I even HAD a schlumbergera until I started this post, and read about Christmas Cactus on Wikipedia.

I had been planning on titling this post “I Love My Christmas Cactus!” – but “I Love My Schlumbergera!” sounds much more intriguing, doesn’t it?

Here, from Wikipedia is an illustration of a schlumbergera, from a 1839 botanical magazine.

When I lived in Atlanta and had lots of space, I was the proud owner of several schlumbergeras. (Schlumbergeri?)

Sweet plants!

And so loyal – mine bloom every Holiday season – from Thanksgiving through New Years.

There are websites dedicated to making Christmas Cactus/Schlumbergera bloom. But honestly, I don’t do a danged special thing.  My schlumbergera sits outside when it’s warm, and indoors on the windowsill when it’s cold. I water it every-so-often.

And it blooms EACH AND EVERY year.

I brought one from Atlanta when I moved to New York City, so this one is well over 15 years old.

The “Care Of Christmas Cactus” site (link above) says:

Since Grandma’s day, the Christmas cactus has been a favorite houseplant. It’s not unusual for a single plant to be passed down from generation to generation because they’re long-lived, rather easy plants to grow.”

Our only problem here in the NYC apartment is that Sammy The Cat likes to chomp on our schlumbergera. So we have to keep a close eye on the beast.

If you like plants, don’t want to work hard at it, and appreciate it’s loyalty and beauty during the holiday season, I strongly suggest that you get a schlumbergera of your very own.

Otherwise known as a Christmas Cactus.

Happy 2012, everyone. I hope it is peaceful, healthful and prosperous to us all.

Filled with good friends, beasts and schlumbergera.




2 Responses to “I Love My Schlumbergera!”

  1. Hubby December 31, 2011 at 12:50 pm #

    Who knew! I guess that proves that a Christmas cactus by any other name would be as beautiful.

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