Not Your Mom And Pop’s Same Old Bowling Alleys, Part 2

21 Nov

I’ve written recently about how when my parents were a young couple

they were very good amateur bowlers.

They used to bowl in leagues at Suburban Plaza Bowling Alley, in Decatur Georgia.

Sometimes they would take my sister and me. (The cat was not allowed at the bowling alley.)

There’s a family story that when I was a toddler,

I was with them at the bowling alley, running around as I was wont to do. After a day or two my Mom noticed that my hand was all swollen up. (I don’t remember the incident – maybe my Mom will fill in the details in the comments section.) They took me to the Emergency Room (where I spent a lot of time as a child – I was always “getting into things”.)

Apparently I had been running with a pencil at the bowling alley, had fallen, and had somehow wedged a piece of lead from the pencil up under my fingernail and was getting lead poisoning. They got the lead out “just in the nick of time”!

That’s the story that I remember being told.

Wikipedia tells us about lead pencils:

Although lead has not been used for writing since Roman times, lead poisoning from pencils was not uncommon; until the middle of the twentieth century the paint used for the outer coating could contain high concentrations of the element and this could be ingested when the pencil was sucked or chewed.”

I’m not sure what this really tells us about lead poisoning from pencils???

It also tells us this lovely bit of information:

Penetration of the pencil lead into the body commonly leads to severe and debilitating effects such as fever, anaemia, elevated white cell count, gastro-intestinal upset, kidney and liver damage, anorexia and necrosis of the tissue surrounding the wound. Such risks are not associated with ordinary graphite pencils. While these symptoms may appear after a couple of days they often develop only after weeks have passed since the injury was sustained. Surgery is required to remove the lead and the infected tissue and “the necrotizing action may be so severe and extensive amputation is necessary.”

Wow – glad I turned out okay. Mom – details, please?

Anyway, I guess the point is – don’t run with pencils. And maybe, don’t take mischievous toddlers to bowling alleys.

The bowling alley that I am showcasing today is Frames.

It’s located at 550 9th Avenue at the corner of 40th Street.

It can also be accessed from inside The Port Authority Southern building. Look at that fun arcade! That’s where you keep the toddlers!  😉

It’s a rather new bowling alley, and it is “done up right”!

These newfangled data entry keyboards will take me a week to figure out…

Here’s their bar:

And their restaurant:

I could stare at the shoe cubbies all night long!

Check out their website or give Frames a call for more details. Age limits (toddlers are not always allowed, cats either!), dress codes, etc.

You can get a 20% Internet discount by reserving online here.

Their rates, according to their website:

Per Game
Hourly Lane Rental
Monday to Friday before 5 PM                $7.00 $50.00
Monday to Friday 5-9 PM                        $10.50 $75.00
All other times                                       $10.50 $60.00

Shoe Rental per person at all times: $6 plus tax
Socks $5.50 plus tax

Friday after 5pm and Saturday after 8pm we only rent lanes by the hour.
Up to 7 persons per lane.
Reservations are recommended. Please call 212-268-6909.

Enjoy and good luck!




4 Responses to “Not Your Mom And Pop’s Same Old Bowling Alleys, Part 2”

  1. hubby November 21, 2011 at 10:21 am #

    What a great-looking bowling alley. But I don’t like the look of those new-fangled data-entry thingies either. I’d rather keep score the old-fashioned way. Maybe they were afraid their patrons would get lead poisoning from the pencils!

  2. margiesmom November 21, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

    I love the pictures of you and your family! I also remember Suburban Lanes well – I bowled on a league there, too; however, my interest was far from bowling and a lot closer to the boys that hung out there. LOL

    FRAMES looks incredible! Very Jetsons. I bet it would be a blast to bowl there (once you figured out the data-entry thingies!)

    I’m glad you survived the lead poisoning!!

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