Bike Riding In NYC – FREE Bike Light Giveaway!

4 Nov

Last night I was walking on 8th Avenue near 34th Street – right next to the Post Office and across the street from Madison Square Garden, and I saw this sign:

“What is this about?” I wondered. Then I noticed the bike lane right beside me.

New York City now has lots and lots of bike lanes.

Then, as I walked a little further, I saw this sign:

“Hmmm – good advice.” I thought.

A little bit on:


Yep, there were workers standing in the center island, giving out free bike lights to bikers zipping by!

OR, at least, TRYING to. Most of the bikers I saw just zipped on by.

I stopped to talk to one of the workers.

He said that they typically set up on the bridges, where there is a condensed, high volume of bikers. They aren’t usually at this location. But every Spring and Fall they set up at various locations within the city, to give out free bike lights and hand out brochures on Bike Safety.

The program is sponsored by the New York City Department of Transportation, and this website has a good bit of Bike Safety information.

If you’re a bike rider in New York City, here are some rules you should know.

1. Yield to pedestrians

2. Stop at red lights and stop signs

3. Ride in the direction of traffic

4. Stay off the sidewalk (unless you’re under the age of 13)

5. Use a white front light and a red tail light at night

And, some tips for a safe ride:

1. Act like a car

2. Look, signal & look again

3. Stay visible

4. Don’t ride distracted

5. Use your bell (You are required by New York State Law to have a bell on your bike)

6. Wear a helmet (Helmets are required by new York State Law for cyclists 13 years or younger, but everyone is encouraged to wear one)

You can even call 311 to schedule your free helmet fitting!

For maps of New York City Bike Lanes, check out this web page.

Happy biking!




2 Responses to “Bike Riding In NYC – FREE Bike Light Giveaway!”

  1. Hubby November 4, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

    Reading your bicycle blog made me remember that when I was a kid, banana seats were just coming into vogue. I wanted one really badly, but never got one. I’m over it now, but they looked really cool!

    • sallanscorner November 5, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

      You just made me remember – I had a purple bike with a purple banana seat! Too bad I don’t have a picture of it…

      Thanks for the memory!!

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