What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?

30 Oct

I recently read in Advertising Age that many costumes that are popular with the kids this year are based on the brands from commercial products.

“Flo” apparently is very popular. (My Dad will NOT be happy to hear this. He’s not a fan.)

If you go to the insurance company’s website (trying NOT to be a commercial here!) there are even videos showing how to achieve the “Flo” hair and makeup look.

Ad Age says: “On Friday afternoon, red, yellow and black Angry Birds were the No. 2, 4 and 10 best-selling costumes, respectively on Amazon. Flo was No. 7.”

Personally, I do think that the “Angry Birds” are pretty darned cute. Looks like nobody wants to be a “Pig”, though…

Ad Age tells us that “Buzz Lightyear” from “Toy Story” “topped the list”.

Aw, SO cute!

BUT, thanks a lot, Ad Age, for bringing to my attention a few Branded costumes that I really didn’t need to know about. (Heavy sarcasm intended.)

Like “Sexy Ketchup”

“Mustard Man”

and “Even Something For The Baby”

But, hey. Haven’t Branded Halloween costumes been around, ever since branding began? I saw this costume at my local flea market last weekend, and it immediately brought tears to my eyes.

I must have been “Casper The Friendly Ghost” when I was about 5 years old. This costume definitely resinated with the adult me, in a big way.

I wonder if, 40 years from now, today’s little girl will see a “Flo” costume at her local flea market and cry with loving nostalgia…

Will “Mustard Man”?

Happy Halloween, everybody!




2 Responses to “What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?”

  1. margiesmom October 30, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    What a find! I love the Casper costume! It reminds me, too, of my costumes as a child. That little slit for a mouth hole always cracked me up – and those nylon outfits! I remember sweltering in those and behind that hard plastic mask. But, it was always fun, wasn’t it? Our neighborhood was the best for trick-or-treating. I remember Mom giving us pillowcases to collect our loot and that was always filled at least twice! Too bad we weren’t allowed to keep all of the candy. (My dad! He made us give most of it to the Children’s Home over on Columbia Drive. He said he wasn’t going to pay for the dental work that much candy would cause. LOL) Oh, the memories 🙂


  1. The Cutest Halloween Costumes I Saw Last Night « SAllan's Corner - November 1, 2011

    […] not a “Flo” or an “Angry Bird” did I […]

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