Go Now: Fri/Sat/Sun – The WFMU Record Fair – Be There Or Be Square!

28 Oct

If you’re in the New York City area this weekend (Friday October 28 – Sunday October 30, 2011), and if you are a vinyl record freak lover… well, you don’t have to read this, because you already know.

It’s time for the annual WFMU Record Fair.

Their site says:

Last year over 4,000 vinyl fans attended WFMU’s 2010 Record Fair! This year’s fair takes place on Friday October 28th from 7-10pm, and on Saturday and Sunday, the 29th and 30th, from 10am to 7pm. Once again you’ll find 10,000 square feet of amazing LPs, singles, CDs, DVDs and artworks. Admission is $7; earlybirds can enter beginning at 4pm on Friday for $25, which includes re-admission all weekend.

When you’re ready to take a break from digging in the crates you can check out a wide assortment of multi-media presentations in The AV Lounge, or catch one of the live bands playing throughout the weekend.”

First of all, I’d like to say that we LOVE this radio station WFMU, here in the NY/NJ area.

It is the longest-running freeform radio station in the U.S. It began as a college radio station that first started broadcasting in April 1958 at Upsala College in East Orange, New Jersey.

Our friends at Wikipedia say it best:

WFMU has a stated commitment to unstructured-format broadcasting. All programming is created by each individual air personality, and is not restricted by any type of station-wide playlist or rotation schedule. Experimentation, spontaneity and humor are among the station’s most frequently noted distinguishing traits. Unlike most commercial broadcasting and non-commercial educational radio stations, WFMU does not offer regularly scheduled news, weather, traffic, sports, or financial information. WFMU does not belong to any existing public radio network, and nearly 100% of its programming originates at the radio station.”

This is a very good reason, in my opinion, to support the WFMU Record Fair.

May I backtrack for a moment? When I lived in Atlanta, I thought that I had a lot of records.

That was before I met Hubby.

Hubby is the Record King!

Hubby ALWAYS keeps his records and their jackets in absolute mint condition. No matter how often he plays them, they are just like brand new.


So, for quite a few years, Hubby and his great pal M. had a table every year at the WFMU Record Fair. They were some of the best-loved vendors there, due to their reputations of having the best mint and/or obscure vinyl around.

Besides selling records, Hubby loved making new friends and talking Music with the other Music-loving freaks collectors.

He met Snuffles there once, and for Hubby, that was the highlight of that year’s Fair.

Snuffles is the dancing bear-host on New York City’s public access TV show “Wild Record Collection”. They show the record cover, and then play a song or two from that record. Snuffles and his friend dance to the music – rather like a stuffed-animals-Shindig.

You can watch an episode of “Wild Record Collection” here, if you dare.

The guys who are behind Snuffles get a lot of their Wild Collection from the annual WFMU Record Fair.

You can also find fun, kicky album covers for your wall there:

And, if you’re REALLY lucky, you might see Snuffles.



P.S. Hubby no longer sells his records. He cannot BEAR to part with any more of his Wild Record Collection. (HA HA, pun intended)


One Response to “Go Now: Fri/Sat/Sun – The WFMU Record Fair – Be There Or Be Square!”

  1. hubby October 29, 2011 at 8:54 pm #

    Thanks for the episode of “Wild Record Collection.” Viva Snuffles!

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