Are You Experienced? Dare You Experience “Experience” At The New Museum?

26 Oct

There is an installation at the New Museum in New York City

that I simply can not wait to check out!

It’s called Experience.

I recently read this review of it in the New York Daily News, which says in part:

I realized this was no ordinary art show when I signed a two-page waiver accepting responsibility for any injuries I suffered… My first stop was at the Mirror Carousel, a gleaming reflective ride bedecked with glowing lightbulbs… Just 50 feet away another exhibit beckoned – the mouth of a metal tube in the gallery’s cement floor. Visitors disappeared down the chute on sliding mats… Overstimulated, I sought refuge in the Giant Psycho Tank, which promised sensory deprivation… I heard visitors splashing around within what looks like a giant white Tupperware container.”

I was hooked!

I went to the museum’s website to learn more.

This autumn, the New Museum will present the first New York survey exhibition of the work of the German artist Carsten Höller (b. 1961, Brussels, lives and works in Stockholm). Over the past twenty years, Höller has created a world that is equal parts laboratory and test site, exploring such themes as childhood, safety, love, the future, and doubt. Höller left his early career as a scientist in 1993 to devote himself exclusively to art making.

His pieces are designed to explore the limits of human sensorial perception and logic through carefully controlled participatory experiences.

The New Museum’s exhibition will include work produced over the past eighteen years in an immersive, interactive installation choreographed in collaboration with the artist. Höller will actively engage the Museum’s architecture, with each of the three main gallery floors and lobby of the building presenting a focused selection of pieces that demonstrate different experiential dimensions of his work.

Functioning as an alternative transportation system within the Museum, one of Höller’s signature slide installations will run from the fourth floor to the second, perforating ceilings and floors, to shuttle viewers through the exhibition as a giant 102-foot-long pneumatic mailing system.

The exhibition features a new light installation; disorienting architectural environments; a spectacular mirrored carousel; and a sensory deprivation pool, among others. Also included will be a recreation of Höller’s “Experience Corridor”, where viewers are invited to undertake simple but affecting tests on themselves.”



I MUST check this out!

Here are a few pictures of some of the pieces, from the museum’s website:

Beautiful! Scary! Goose bump time! LOVE IT.

Carsten Höller’s Experience instillation is at the New Museum now through January 15, 2012.

The museum’s hours are

  • Wednesday 11-6 PM
  • Thursday 11-9 PM
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11-6 PM
  • Monday and Tuesday closed
  • The Museum is closed to the public on Monday and Tuesday
  • Free Thursday Evenings (from 7 PM to 9 PM)

and normal admission cost is just

  • General Admission: $12
  • Seniors: $10
  • Students: $8
  • 18 and under: FREE
  • Members: FREE

Tip: take a swimsuit with you, if you want to experience the Psycho Tank with your modesty intact.

More from that Daily News article:

Are people naked?” one man nervously asked.

“They’re going how they want to go,” the guard shrugged. “I can’t tell them how to go.”

I was game to bare all, figuring this would be my only chance to go nude in a New York museum. But the Daily News photographer documenting my visit strenuously objected to the idea.

I grudgingly donned swimming trunks and joined two men and a woman happily adrift naked in the very buoyant salt water.

“It’s salty and it’s cold,” one man cheerfully warned me as I tried to avert my eyes.

Currents pushed me to and fro as I floated on my back, leading me to inadvertently graze against one of my fellow art-goers. Just when I started to relax, my head smacked into a wall.

But then I wafted to a sweet spot in the center of the tank and lay perfectly still and suspended.

I gratefully realized Holler’s massive exhibit is like a trip to an art gallery, an amusement park and a serious spa all rolled into one.

And priced for the 99%. Museum admission is $12.

I left disoriented, rejuvenated and coated in a fine layer of salt.”


Barry Paddock, Bless you. You tell a good story.

I can’t wait to go get Experienced!

But, I bet that Hubby will sit this one out…





2 Responses to “Are You Experienced? Dare You Experience “Experience” At The New Museum?”

  1. margiesmom October 26, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

    Barry Paddock is a riot! This exhibit is one of the most unusual ones I’ve ever heard of. I can’t wait to hear about your visit!!

    • sallanscorner October 28, 2011 at 8:28 am #

      I couldn’t agree more – that review by Barry Paddock is classic! The exhibit is getting more and more press now – I MUST go before it gets too crowded…

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