There’s A New Lady Liberty In Town!

15 Oct

She was unveiled this week, at Madison Avenue and East 61st Street.

Lady Liberty, mini.


From the information card that was handed out during the unveiling:

The replica at 667 Madison Avenue was cast from the plaster version that was enlarged exactly 16 times to become the statue that stands in New York Harbor today. It was created using state-of-the-art processes and techniques to ensure the original was not damaged. First, a point-by-point digital copy was made, reflecting the original within 50 microns. From that digital image, a mould was created.”

She’s 9 feet tall (15 feet with the base), weighs more than 2,000 pounds, is made of bronze, cost over 1 million dollars – and according to French law, only 12 copies can ever be made from the original mould.

She’s the only one here in the United States.

You can get up close – you can see detail that I never knew existed.

For example, did you know that there are broken chains at her feet? I never knew that – they represent our freedom from oppression and tyranny.

The seven-pointed crown she wears represents the seven seas and the seven continents of the world.

Businessman/Real Estate developer Leonard Stern arranged the transaction with the French art dealer Guillaume Duhamel, who discovered the original mould in an “obscure Parisian museum of inventions”. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal,

Mr. Stern, 74 years old, read about the replicas at his summer house one morning in June. 

He immediately instructed his assistant to dial Mr. Duhamel.

Within half an hour, he had agreed to buy one and was arranging to wire a deposit. The purchase price was well over $1 million. When Mr. Stern’s wife came down for breakfast later that morning, she asked him suspiciously, “Why are you smiling? What did you do this morning?”

“I just bought the original Statue of Liberty,” he replied.

Such is the charmed life of a New York real-estate mogul.”

Not only does Mr. Stern’s company The Hartz Group now proudly displays the Statue Of Liberty Mini-She, their website says that the lobby “includes a museum quality 16th century Knight’s of Armor and an original 17th century Royal Goblin Tapestry which are on permanent display.”

I had to check them out!

The armor:

and the tapestry:

and you can read about them by clicking on this picture to enlarge it:

If you’re in the neighborhood, check them out! (The statue and lobby entrance are on East 61st Street.)

These museum-quality pieces are on permanent display here, for all to see. For free. Mini-She.







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