Who’s The Beautiful Baby – Some 2011 “Pier 84 Pet Parade” Contestants

11 Oct

This past weekend there was a Pet Parade at Pier 84, here in our neck of the woods in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

The only problem was, while it should have been a crisp October day, on Sunday I think we broke a heat record. It was about 85 degrees, and out on the pier (with no shade) it must have topped 90.

Poor pets and their people were HOT. Especially the dogs in costumes.

This little star cowbaby had it pretty good; Mom brought along a little fan.

This kitty seemed a little scared, especially with all the DOG action all around.

While this kitty was just as calm and cool as a cucumber. I asked the Mom if Kitty lived with dogs, and she said “No, he lives alone, he’s just one laid back cat.”

I’d say!

This was a very soft, furry bunny – he didn’t want to end up being dinner for any of those big Bow Wows.

It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite – each animal was cuter and sweeter than the next. But this big guy stole my heart.

A GIANT Orange Maine Coon!

First of all, I am a major sucker for orange kitties.

And, I’ve NEVER seen an orange Maine Coon before. This guy was GORGEOUS!

Just look at the whiskers on the dude.

I told Dad that Hubby and I collect our cat Sammy’s whiskers – we find them every-so-often lying around the apartment

and the fellow said “The first time I found one of his whiskers, I thought it was a porcupine quill!”


What a face!

Of course, here’s another beautiful face – a liver spotted Dalmatian; one blue eye, one brown:

Another beautiful face:

I loved Spiderman with his dog Skunk.

Here they are, on the Red Carpet – a better view of Skunk Dog:

This pup was dressed as a Dutchess. Good girl!!

Of course, you see the obligatory Hot Dog:

And yes, in that heat, this was one HOT dog!

Two tacos:

I watched the parade

but I didn’t stick around for the judging and prizes.

They were ALL winners, in my eyes!




One Response to “Who’s The Beautiful Baby – Some 2011 “Pier 84 Pet Parade” Contestants”

  1. Johnny D October 11, 2011 at 11:24 am #

    That cat’s whiskers are long!

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