Broadway’s Annual Flea Market – The Ultimate Heaven For Theater Lovers!

26 Sep

The Great White Way – Broadway – has an annual flea market and auction; that day for this year happened to be yesterday.

If you love the theater, you’d have thought you died and gone to Broadway Heaven! There are booths for just about every play, with actors hawking theatrical wares – and boy were there theatrical wares!

A couple of the most frenzied areas are the lotto (everyone wants to win tickets to a Broadway show!)

and the Spinning Wheel – again, with the hopes of winning tickets to a show.

We watched at the wheel for a few minutes, and we saw this guy win a pair of tickets!

It was exciting! The guys ring bells, and more people line up to buy spins.

You can buy Playbills signed by the cast members

You can buy posters signed by cast members (look at Daniel Radcliffe’s signature – he should be a doctor!)

I LOVE the mockups of wardrobe design, set design, etc. that are for sale from all of the different plays. If only we had more wall space!!

Thing from The Addams Family was there. Just think, you could have your very own Thing!

Every year there’s an auction – some very nice items can go for a pretty penny!

I particularly love the Broadway Bears. I learned from this website a little more about them:

BROADWAY BEARS is an auction featuring a cuddly chorus line of one-of-a-kind teddy bears, each meticulously outfitted in original, handmade costumes by Broadway’s leading costume designers and representing memorable characters from plays and musicals, past and present. The skill and imagination devoted to the creation of these coveted collectibles has been recognized worldwide, from The Museum of The City of New York – where 10 bear alumni reside as part of the permanent costume collection – to media acclaim as far away as England and Japan.

Noted designers such as Bob Mackie have created original bears for these auctions. Many of The bears are signed by the stars they’re modeled after and who wore the human-sized costume and put up for auction to raise money for BC/EFA.”

You can see some Bears that were auctioned off earlier this year here.

I love the Pee-wee Bear, signed by Pee-wee Herman:

Well, back at yesterday’s event, there were other Bears. Here is Carrie The Bear. (We all remember Carrie, right??)

And, Priscilla The Bear:

On our walk back through, we stopped at the Spinning Wheel again. A young woman had purchased 11 spins for 20 dollars – out of her 11 spins, she won a pair of Broadway tickets 5 times!!!

The guys running the Wheel booth were NOT happy! They got a little less happy every time she spun and won, again and again and again!

This actor was posing for pictures with fans. I don’t know who he is. He was in front of the Addams Family booth.

Can anyone name this actor?

I’m guessing he is one of these guys listed on Wikepedia?

I would have purchased one of these cast-member-signed-sheet-music from The Jersey Boys, but they spelled the name wrong!  ; )

And again, although he wasn’t the least bit pleased about it, Hubby was a very good sport and allowed me to pay 2 dollars to get him in a nun outfit and take his picture!

We had a really great time!

I’ll give you a heads-up next year, so you can go if you’re in the area. If you’re a theater fan, you’ll be in Broadway Heaven!




2 Responses to “Broadway’s Annual Flea Market – The Ultimate Heaven For Theater Lovers!”

  1. Ellen Girone September 26, 2011 at 11:55 am #

    I want my own Thing! Looked like a lot of fun. Next year….

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