Horseback Riding In New York City

24 Sep

I wish that I could say that I have lots of experience in this topic, but sadly it’s been a few years (decades??) since I’ve had the pleasure of riding a horse.

But someone recently asked about my post “Horseback Riding In Central Park“, so I decided to do a little research.

According to the official New York City Department Of Parks & Recreation website, these are some of the available stables /riding trails within the 3 of the 5 boroughs of New York City.

They say: “Enjoy the beauty of New York City’s parks on the back of a horse! Please contact the stables for details on costs and hours of lessons and rides.”

In The Bronx:

* Pelham Bay Park: The bridle path in Pelham Bay Park provides beautiful vistas of marshland and woods.

Bronx Equestrian Center          (718) 885-0551

* Van Cortlandt Park: Situated on 21 acres, the Riverdale Equestrian Centre has four outdoor riding rings, an Olympic-sized indoor arena, and easy access to the miles of trails in Van Cortlandt Park.          (718) 548-4848

In Brooklyn:

* Prospect Park: This 3.5 mile-long bridle path winds through scenic woodlands, meadows, and a ravine. It begins at the Park Circle entrance (the intersection of Coney Island Avenue, Parkside Avenue, and Prospect Park Southwest) and continues along the Lake to the Long Meadow and the Midwood.

Kensington Stables          (718) 972-4588

In Queens:

* Forest Park: The four-mile equestrian path meanders through 165 acres of oak forest.

Lynn’s Riding School          (718) 261-7679

Sadly, I’ve not found much about riding in Staten Island or Manhattan.

This was from the New York Times, an article dated October 19, 2007:

Under an agreement announced today by the Parks Department, the Riverdale Equestrian Center will offer horseback riding by appointment at the North Meadow Recreation Center, off of 96th Street in Central Park. But the riding will not be cheap; a guided trail ride costs $100 an hour. Pony rides will also be availableHow popular the new riding program will be remains to be seen. Central Park was originally designed with a bridle path for horseback riders. On the path’s three sections –- the 1.65-mile Reservoir Loop, the 1.1-mile North Meadow Loop and the 1.5-mile Southern Spur — you are far more likely to find joggers, cyclists, dog walkers and stroller pushers than to see a recreational horse.”

But, I do not think that this is offered anymore.

Even Central Park’s official website page about horseback riding in the park has been taken down.

That’s so sad!

But I also came upon this article from The New York Post, dated May 4, 2011:

Visitors there will once again be able to saddle up under a new city plan to bring back horseback riding in a big way.

Since the closure of Manhattan’s last stable, Claremont Riding Academy, in 2007, it’s been next to impossible to ride off into the sunset without riding the subway to another borough first.

After Claremont closed, the city did sign a deal with the Riverdale Equestrian Centre, to offer trail rides by appointment, but those were infrequent and only done on weekends.

The city now wants a more permanent riding concession.

Each day, horses will be brought to the North Meadow Recreation Center, located in the center of the park near 97th Street, from one of the outer-borough stables.

Prices and hours will be determined by a bidding process and regulated by the city. Proposals are due next month.”

So, what’s happening now??

I haven’t found out. But stay posted!

I am still on the hunt!

Because, my friend and yours – Froggy – tells me he’s eager to play with horses again!




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