Flying Kites On The Roof Of The Port Authority

18 Sep

Or, not.

Hubby and I went yesterday to partake in the annual event.

Admittedly, we arrived about 15 minutes before the scheduled end time of the event.

Admittedly, it was a rather gray and cloudy day.

Admittedly, we made a couple of aborted attempts to find the correct elevator to take us to the 7th floor.

But, we made it!

Um… where was everybody else??

When we got up there, there was no kite making.

There was no kite flying.

There were no crafts, free food, music or fun.

It was a big, (mostly) empty parking lot.

We must have gotten there too late for the “afternoon of kite-making, kite-flying, crafts, and free food, music and fun”.


We did however, get a splendid view of the new New York Times Building.

And a fun reflection of the McGraw-Hill Building.

And a good view of some lovely New York City water towers:

I actually do love the water towers. They are actually very interesting!

Did you know (and I quote my good friends at Wikipedia here):

In the 19th century, New York City required that all buildings higher than six stories be equipped with a rooftop water tower. This was necessary to prevent the need for excessively high pressures at lower elevations, which could burst pipes.

The original water tower builders were barrel makers who expanded their craft to meet a modern need as buildings in the city grew taller in height. Even today, no sealant is used to hold the water in. The wooden walls of the Water Tower are held together with cables but leak through the gaps when first filled. As the water saturates the wood it swells, the gaps close and become impermeable.”

And thanks to that Wikipedia site, I can entertain you with two very unique water towers.

This one in Minneapolis:

And, this one in South Carolina:

Those are two pretty cool water towers, don’t you think?

Sorry – just trying to distract you from the very noticeably absence of kite-flying photographs, which is probably what you wanted and expected when you clicked on the blog titled “Flying Kites On The Roof Of The Port Authority”.

This simulation photo then, will have to do the trick:

It’s all I got…

Thanks to Hubby for being such a good sport. He’s taking one for the team.



P.S. Of course, I loved being on the roof of the Port Authority. I want to go up there and have a picnic. To watch fireworks. To star gaze.

I wonder if anyone will mind?




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