A Few Things I Love About Coney Island

17 Sep

First of all, on a cool, fall weekday, it’s not too crowded.

For instance, here’s my subway car:

Once there, I gazed upon The Cyclone roller coaster with admiration and awe.

Built in 1927, it’s still one of the greatest wooden roller coasters around.

Here’s a story from Wikipedia:

One of its many stories is from 1948, when a coal miner with aphonia visited Coney Island. According to legend, he had not spoken in years but screamed while going down the Cyclone’s first drop, saying “I feel sick” as his train returned to the station. He prompty fainted after realizing he had just spoken.”

I took Hubby on The Cyclone once, and I honestly don’t think that he ever recovered.

Hubby’s not exactly a roller coaster kind of guy.

Then, there’s The Parachute Jump, which was built for the 1939 World’s Fair. It was relocated to Coney Island in 1941.

Here’s a great photo from Wikipedia, showing The Parachute Jump in operation in about 1939:

Wikipedia also tells us:

During World War II, when much of the city adhered to a blackout, the ride stayed lit to serve as a navigational beacon.”

And, there’s the pier.

Local men gather and fish here, spending probably most days doing this.

I think it’s their life – out on this pier.

Of course, I love Ruby’s Bar & Grill, and The Clam Bar.

And little girls who think they can catch seagulls – if they can JUST run a little bit faster…

I love the painted signs!

and the oh-so interesting people.

And I love Coney Island when the day begins to turn into night.

These are just a few things I love about Coney Island.

And, oh yeah. It’s FREE.




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