Ruby’s At Coney Island – Since 1934 – And Being Bulldozed This Fall

15 Sep

Like Times Square, Coney Island is now being “cleaned up”.

From the bar’s website:

The company that Bloomberg has handed this city treasure over to has a vision to make the place “refined, cleaner…with sit-down restaurants and sports bars.” And so everything on the boardwalk, except Nathan’s and Lola Star, will be bulldozed. They want to turn it into a place where you can “sit in nice comfortable chairs and have a nice cappuccino or ice coffee.”

Boo Hiss!!

This saddens me SO MUCH.

I LOVE Ruby’s.

It’s not as if I am a Regular or anything… But I get to Coney Island a couple of times each season, and one of the places that I love the most is Ruby’s.

They have already gotten rid of Shoot The Freak.

And this old Beer Bar is gone.

Ruby’s Bar & Grill has been a Coney Island institution since 1934.

I love the pictures on the walls.

Here’s a closer look:

And they have a great jukebox, always playing Sinatra and other classics.

Tourists and local characters flock to the place.

I don’t WANT a sit-down, spanky-new place with nice comfortable chairs and I don’t WANT a nice cappuccino or ice coffee! (Well, I DO like iced coffee, BUT NOT AT CONEY ISLAND!)

I want Ruby’s to stay the same old dive bar, with the restroom that’s ALWAYS closed for repairs, with Sinatra crooning to the Coney Island characters – so when I visit Coney Island once or twice a year I can go into Ruby’s and feel a warm glow in my heart that it’s been this way since 1934 and it will be this way next year…

I’m going to have to go one last time soon – I heard that they lose their lease at the end of this month.


I found this vintage photo on Ruby’s website:

Am I going to have to actually start to boycott Coney Island after this year??

Sometimes, change for the better is NOT change for the better.




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