Happy Birthday To My Dad!

13 Sep

Today is my Dad’s birthday, and what better way to honor him than to embarrass him?

He’s shy.

And now, his life in pictures is about to go public.

Hold tight!

Here he is as a itty bitty baby:

and look at this cute outfit:

Here he is in a sailor suit, with his brother and cousins. I think the story is that he didn’t want is picture taken. Was it because of the sailor suit?

All the sudden, he’s all grown up and out on the town! I don’t know who his date was – she’s cut out of the picture! I think there’s a story here…

This picture intrigues me. I always thought he was on a beach, but on closer look it seems that he’s in a parking lot? That looks like either a bottle of BBQ Sauce above his head, or a bottle of booze – which is your bet? And, is the King of Spade playing card just there coincidentally?

Here he is out at a prom with my Mom (center couple) and their friends. I think those 7 Ups must be spiked, due to that large grin on my Dad’s face:

Here he is, on this day in history – 1976, with his birthday cake. Just try to count all of those candles! We’re on break at the Greenhouses – I’ll bet that cake was devoured pretty quickly by all of us. It looks tasty, even if it is a bit lopsided…

And, more recently, here is my Dad being *attacked* by a giant sting ray while visiting The Georgia Aquarium:

Happy Birthday, Dad! I hope you have a GREAT Day!!!! And I hope that you enjoyed the memories…




2 Responses to “Happy Birthday To My Dad!”

  1. Johnny D September 13, 2011 at 10:46 am #

    I second that emotion–Happy Birthday!

  2. Ellen Girone September 13, 2011 at 12:31 pm #

    I third it! Happy Birthday Sherrie’s Dad!

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