Ten Years Later, A Tribute 9/11 – In Bryant Park This Weekend

10 Sep

Hubby saw it yesterday, and told me about it.

I had to go today to see it for myself.

Through tomorrow, 9/11, in tribute on the Ten Year Anniversary, Bryant Park has set out 2,753 empty chairs in the lawn to honor those killed on that day in the Twin Towers attack.

They also have tables set up, with a number of typists. If you want, you sit and tell them what you’d like the World to remember about 9/11.

Here is what the lawn looks like:

Those empty chairs seemed to span on and on forever.

The chairs are set up facing South, towards where the Towers stood.

Up on the terrace, the tables were set up, and I waited out the rain storm under one of the umbrellas.

Then they set out vases of single, red roses.

After the rain shower passed, the row of typists set up shop.

They used vintage typewriters, and the typists were dressed vintage, as well.

I loved the sound of a dozen typewriters clacking away.

I sat and gave our hope. Hubby and I hope that the world could remember that we took care of our own – that we took care of our First Responders.

I was given two copies of the card. I stamped them both “Past Due”.

Because for our First Responders, it is Past Due.

I kept my duplicate copy, and I turned in the original to the Gate Keeper.

The collection will become part of a traveling exhibit as an interactive public art project by Sheryl Oring, entitled “Collective Memory“.

You can view some of the cards here on this Flickr site.

Please check it out!

I just read a few cards, and it is an AMAZING collection of people’s memories and thoughts about 9/11.

I cannot end today’s blog  without showing you a couple of the typists. They were pretty spectacular!

I nicknamed this girl “Peggy”:

And, I nicknamed this girl “Joan”:

May we all have a safe, thoughtful 9/11 weekend.

And, Hubby and I are sending grateful wishes to our Troops, our Veterans and our First Responders.




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