More Tugs (Heart!)

9 Sep

I have a friend who has a friend who’s really into Tugboats. So, my friend sent her friend this link.

About Tugs.

My blog from the other day about the 19th Annual Tugboat Race & Competition that took place over last weekend.

Her friend wrote back:

Sherrie, Great pix and fun commentary! I’m related to the McAllister Bros tugs – the striped stack. My Grandfather ran the co. for many years and his grandfather started it. Lots and lots of fun. And they are definitely little mighty boats!

I *believe* that this picture from last weekend is one of the Tugs that belongs to the McAllister Company.

I’ve written back asking her to confirm.

I also asked for more stories.

Then I Googled the company. They have an awesome website, telling the history of the company.

If you like Tugs, you should check out the website. Since 1864. Wow!

In 1864, The Civil War was going on. I wonder if there was any connection.

Their website says:

Captain James McAllister started the first McAllister enterprise shortly after he arrived from Cushendall, County Antrim, Ireland . Together with his brothers and in-laws, McAllister formed the Greenpoint Lighterage Company. They augmented the lighterage business with towing, with the acquisition of their first steam tug, the R.W. BURKE, in the 1880’s, while the Brooklyn Bridge was still being built.”

I had to look up the definition of “lighterage”. It means “transportation of goods on a lighter”.

I’ll bet that Captain McAllister probably came here from Ireland to transport goods during the Civil War.

Or, I could be SO off base!

I really hope that my friend’s friend writes back with more stories!!!

Their website even has a store! You can buy Tug hats

Tug tee shirts

and oh, oh oh! I MUST get one of these little Tug pins!!!

They also have a photo book available. I looked at it, and read:

Fantastic Collectable Book, with 48 full color pages of photos featuring McAllister tugs at work.  The book includes recent high profile jobs such as towing of the USS Intrepid, McAllister’s maiden voyage to San Francisco and escorting the USS New York, whose bow was partially made from the melted down World Trade Center steel.”

And I thought, “Wait! I took pictures of the USS New York in 2009, when she came into port on the Hudson River.”

So, I pulled out another picture.

And there, hard at work, are at least two of the McAllister Tugs – the red ones in front with the striped stacks. And, maybe another one further back, in the middle of the river?

How totally cool is that??!!

If I’m wrong, I’ll eat my (Tug) hat!




2 Responses to “More Tugs (Heart!)”

  1. Johnny D September 9, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    Good detective work on the 2009 photo. Or should I say “Good deTUGtive work!”

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