The Simple Pleasure Of Good Friends (And Hunting For Treasures Together!)

8 Sep

I wrote the other day about my anticipation of the upcoming Stormville Airport Flea Market.

I went with my friends E & M, who introduced the event to me, and have been going religiously for years.

It will now become an event that I look forward to each year.

It takes place several times a year.

but the Labor Day Flea Market draws usually the most vendors.

If you like flea markets, you should check out Stormville Airport in New York.

There are rows and rows and rows and rows of tents

and I especially loved the two old runways that housed rows and rows and rows and rows of tents.

We got a chuckle out of this sign urging capitalism:

I said, “What are we all looking for?”

M wanted marbles, for a class project. E wanted a vintage green Pyrex bowl. I wanted a mini spatula, and I set my top price at a whopping 1 dollar.

The hunt was on!

We saw more Scary Dolls.

And a wonderful vintage Volkswagen toy and box.

M demonstrated how a Jew’s Harp is played:

E tried on an intricately painted Voodoo Mask:

“Look!” I pointed. “M’s marbles!”

Sure enough, our first sighting of marbles. M bought the jar for $8, and we all tried to guess how many marbles were in that jar.

I won the prize – guessing 75 marbles.

There were 99 marbles.

My prize?? Hey M – my prize??

We had scrumptious turkey sandwiches for lunch, then our hunt continued.

Why oh why didn’t I even ask how much they wanted for this??

Marilyn and Joe – October 5, 1954. Not only a great cover photo and story, but what fun it would be to see the other news stories and advertisements from 1954 New York.

Dang! It didn’t even cross my mind at the time – well, I’m glad that at least I have this pic.

Sammy probably would have chomped it, anyway…

I loved these old Cowboys & Indians:

I loved these cats:

I especially loved these Head Vases:


They remind me of my Grandmother. Here she is in 1977, in her workshop. There’s a Head Vase to the left of the picture.

I wish now that I had my Grandmother’s Head Vase collection.

The same vendor with the Head Vases had this wonderful collection of 1970 era pins:

End of the day, I found my mini spatula. How much did it cost?

Yup, $1!


E did not purchase her green bowl. Another search for another day.

I did find this belated birthday present for hubby; a new Baby Gargoyle.

There’s a story here.

But a story for another day.

After our wonderful but exhausting day at Stormville, E & M invited me to visit their lovely home.

I died of jealousy.

Double Dog Died!

They have a tiny sweet back yard with faces

and gardens

Then inside, I got to meet the beautiful, sweet, tiny-eared kitty AR.

She was exactly the Love-Muffin that I knew she would be.

Not a Beast like Sammy is.

My prize?

Getting to spend the day with E & M.







4 Responses to “The Simple Pleasure Of Good Friends (And Hunting For Treasures Together!)”

  1. Ellen Girone September 8, 2011 at 12:10 pm #

    We had a ball! The head vases were cool. I wonder how much they wanted for them. You got some great pics. AR was so happy to meet you – little ears and all! I look like such a proud mother! LOL! Your gargoyle is awesome! Did hubby like it? Save the Sat. of Memorial Day next year because that’s the next big show. We’ll talk soon!

    • sallanscorner September 8, 2011 at 3:34 pm #

      Next time I’ll ask about the cost of EVERYTHING! LOL. I checked on eBay – the Head Vases are quite collectable. I could maybe find room for ONE in our apartment.
      Hubby LOVED the Baby Gargoyle. He patted it on its head and assured it that we wouldn’t let it get tossed through any old car window.
      I loved hanging out w/ you & M & AR – xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxo

  2. Johnny D September 8, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

    Nice report & photos! And you resisted two of your passions–Marilyn and Volkswagens.

    • sallanscorner September 8, 2011 at 3:30 pm #

      I know! Silly me. I asked the price of the VW ($150?) but wish I had asked about the newspaper…. oh, well…….

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