Tugboats Rock!

7 Sep

Over Labor Day weekend, Hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed the 19th Annual Tugboat Race that took place Sunday morning on the Hudson River, or as I learned, to mariners it’s known as the Great North River. Who knew??

We purchased tickets for the Circle Line Spectator Boat ($30/pp for 3 hours on the river – a bargain!). I had hoped for a crisp blue-sky day for optimal Kodak Moments, but alas it was a very gray morning.

That didn’t stop me!

Those tugs are mighty and marvelous!

We traveled up the Hudson to the 70s, where the tugs started to line up at the “starting line”.


Look at that water churn!

The spectators on the Spectator Boat were having a blast.

We had an announcer on board, but honestly I can’t tell you who won. But at the finish line, all of the tugboats (7 or 8 of them) blew their horns in celebration.

Hubby said, “They wait all year for this!”

At the finish line was a spectacular Fireboat.

Our announcer told us that the Fireboat was named for the number of FDNY members killed on 9-11: Three Forty Three.

We cheered as she went past us.

After that somber moment, we focused back on the tugs.

They were lining up for the Nose-To-Nose Pushing Competitions.

And then a baby tug appeared.

It was The Bronx.

When it got close to our Spectator Boat, we saw the cutest little Wire Haired Terrier on board The Bronx, wearing a Sailor Hat!!!

This dog was cuter than all of the tugs put together, and the crew of The Bronx knew it! They loved showing that little dog off.

Cute little Sailor Dog!

Back on dry land, they were setting up for the Spinach Eating Contest.

The level of enthusiasm of the children in the contest certainly varied.

One child burst into tears and was led away from the table. Several others just sat there and did not even touch the spinach in their bowls.

Several others were determined to win. They stuffed handfuls of the green stuff into their mouths as quickly as they could.

It was not pretty.

Here is the proud winner:

I loved it.

Hubby was appalled.

We came away though, with one shared knowledge.

Tugboats Rock!





3 Responses to “Tugboats Rock!”

  1. Cliff September 23, 2011 at 9:31 am #

    FYI “The Bronx” won the tug boat competition last year. The dogs name is Salty. Cheers!

    • sallanscorner September 23, 2011 at 11:29 am #

      Thanks for posting your comment! We loved Salty!

      Too bad “The Bronx” wasn’t in this year’s race – I wonder if she will compete in 2012?


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    […] I have a friend who has a friend who’s really into Tugboats. So, my friend sent her friend this link. […]

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