Friends – Please Read, Vote Before 9/10/11 for “Sherry’s Kitchen” – Thanks!

6 Sep

Friends, Romans and Countrymen, lend me your ears!!

A friend of mine is asking for our help.

She is an actress in an independent web series called “Sherry’s Kitchen”.

There are 5 episodes on Youtube right now.

This series is entered in a Web Series & Indie Film Competition. If “Sherry’s Kitchen” wins, it could possibly be adapted for television. If nothing else, the show, actors and crew will be “exposed to the very top circles of the entertainment industry.”

This would be GIGANTIC for my friend.

Will you PLEASE help out and vote?

Just one vote, and it’s just a few simple clicks away.

Here’s how to vote:
This is how you can help:

1. Go to
2. Click on the big tab at the bottom right of the page that says, “Shortcut to the Finals”
3. Type SABA in the search bar on the right just above the list of submissions.
4. Click VOTE.

Just 1 vote each, but please spread the word!
Thanks for your support.

So, please vote! It would help my friend. And, wouldn’t it be cool to know that a TV show and its actors all owed their success to YOU?

Here’s the first episode; it’s quirky and fun:

Now, back to your previously scheduled program.




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