Irene, Goodbye

28 Aug

Irene, Goodbye

Irene, Goodbye

Goodbye Irene, Goodbye Irene

I’ll see you in my dreams.

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself playing with the lyrics of “Goodnight, Irene”.   🙂

Well, at least here on the West Side of Manhattan, we certainly dodged that weather bullet called Irene.

We were prepared!

The subways closed down.

Never before in the city’s history had the entire MTA (subway, buses, trains, etc.) completely shut down in anticipation of … (fill in the blank.)

Broadway theaters were closed.

Shop windows were taped,

some more artfully

than others.

10th Avenue was devoid of traffic

as was the West Side Highway.

Taxis were grounded.

Hubby and I brought in the plants from the fire escape, and we had our tub filled, flashlights at the ready and plenty of bottled water and canned food.

We were on lock-down with Sammy.

But basically, by the time Irene came and went early this morning, all we had experienced was lots of rain and a tear in the awning at our front stoop.

I just walked over to the Hudson River, which was gray and high and mighty, but not at all overflowing or causing anyone any trouble.

I know that Hurricane Irene hit some areas very hard, and there were some lost lives in some states due to her fury. I know that some areas of New York City were flooded, and we’re eager to hear the assessment of the conditions outside of our little neighborhood.

But here, today Sammy helped me blog, and all is well in our humble abode.

Ironically, after I returned the plants outside to the fire escape, they were very thirsty. I watered them with tub water. Then the remaining tub water went merrily down the drain.




2 Responses to “Irene, Goodbye”

  1. Harriet August 28, 2011 at 7:37 pm #

    The cabs were actually not grounded. They were more expensive than usual. Mayor Bloomberg urged people to share cab rides, but what ended up happening in my daughter’s case at least, the fare was NOT shared. The cabbie got TWO fairs of $15 each for two passengers and presumeably would have made twice that amount if he had picked up two more people and shoved them all into the cab! Jeesh.

    • sallanscorner August 29, 2011 at 10:07 am #

      Hi Harriet – thanks for sharing your daughter’s story. Yikes is right!

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