Ready Or Not, Here She Comes!

27 Aug

The store owners must be loving this. My local K Mart yesterday was sold out of everything imaginable. Same with the hardware store.

Hubby walked out of our local grocery store last night empty-handed. The lines for the checkout went far towards the back of the store. He shopped instead at the health food store, where he had better luck.

This morning, I went to the grocery store, because there was one important item that I had forgotten.

Plus, I wanted to take pictures.

Here are some of the rapidly emptying shelves:

It’s fun to see what people purchase in preparation for a disaster. Lots of people had deli meat, mayo, frozen dinners – what if the power goes out?

Lots of snack food – chips and cookies.



The one important thing I went for?

Oh, yeah baby. It’s been a long time since I’ve had instant coffee.   🙂

I want to get to Times Square to see the signs the subway puts up – the unprecedented mass transit shut-down. Never before in the city’s history!

Ready or not, here she comes!



P.S. 11:15 AM report – I went back to the store just out of curiosity. There are about 4-5 cash registers, I followed the line just at the first one. The line went around the customer service counter, along the far side of the produce section, past the cheese and deli section, and into the seafood section.

I counted – there were 69 people waiting in that one line alone!

I was grinning as I left the store. Into a brief rain shower – the first real hint of Hurricane Irene.

It had rained for maybe 5 minutes, and already the curbs were all filled with standing water.

We’re gonna be in trouble…

Over and out for today,




One Response to “Ready Or Not, Here She Comes!”

  1. Ellen Girone August 27, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

    I hope the 3 of you will be safe! Are you leaving the city?


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