Brooklyn Farmacy’s History, Its Egg Creams, & A Recipe, Too!

21 Aug

I recently read about this old-time soda fountain store in Carroll Gardens called Brooklyn Farmacy.

Here is a very interesting 2008 article from The New York Times, which gives the history of the store, and the 2 immediate photos below.

The building has been there since at least 1884, when it was Mrs. Phillips’s boarding house.

More than 80 years later, it was the Longo Prescription Pharmacy. The pharmacist’s son was arrested in 1968, accused of “selling guns across the counter like bottles of aspirin.”

Then, in the 1980s, was called Mark’s Pharmacy; it was an attempt to revive the full-service pharmacies of the 1930s and 40s.

Finally, the store became The Vermont Market & Pharmacy. Then, mysteriously, the doors were shut and the store remained frozen in time for a dozen years.

Inside the Vermont Market & Pharmacy, before it was renovated:

In 2010, thanks in great part to Discovery Channel’s reality show “Construction Intervention“, the store was renovated and reopened as Brooklyn Farmacy.

I simply had to check it out.

Indoors, it is amazing!

Penny tile floors, tin ceilings, floor-to-ceiling wood cabinets, soda fountain counter – fabulous!

Rows and rows of locally-produced preserves, wooden toys, canned goods…

I love the colored seltzer bottles on the top shelf.

And the bottles of Fox’s u-bet chocolate syrup on this top shelf.

The shelves are also filled with remnants from older days – so fun and nostalgic!

But now, for the Main Event…

Being the selfless blogger that I try to be – just for you – I sat down at that counter.

I ordered me an egg cream.

Vanilla, please.

And I drank that baby – yum, yum good!

I know that most people might order a chocolate egg cream, but I was feeling just a bit rebellious.

Plus, I like vanilla!

Let me just say – it was well worth the trip.

As if the visual feast in the store wasn’t enough!

Here’s the official egg cream recipe from Fox, who makes the famous chocolate syrup u-bet:

The Original Brooklyn Egg-Cream

  • Take a tall, chilled, straight-sided, 8oz. glass

  • Spoon 1 inch of U-bet Chocolate syrup into glass

  • Add 1 inch whole milk

  • Tilt the glass and spray seltzer (from a pressurized cylinder only) off a spoon, to make a big chocolate head

  • Stir, Drink, Enjoy

I really enjoyed visiting Brooklyn Farmacy. If you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to check it out!




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