Red-Tailed Hawks In Central Park

4 Aug

Recently I was in Central Park, on the west side around 68th Street. I wanted to take some pictures of some of the wonderful arches

and bridges within the park.

But then, a movement in the air above me caught my attention.

It was a Red-Tailed Hawk looking down at me.

I zoomed in on it, and kept my camera on it, hoping to catch it in flight.

I need a little more practice at this.

Here’s what I caught of its tail – upper left corner of the picture. Impressive!  : )

Luckily for me and my meager photo attempts, the magnificent creature didn’t go far, and I followed it to the nearby tree.

And soon, it took off again – soaring down the path.

I wonder if this is one of Pale Male’s babies? Pale Male is the most famous of Central Park’s Red-Tailed Hawks. He has lived in the park since about 1991, has had a number of mates and has raised a number of babies, or eyasses, in the park.

Here’s a great blog that I just found, about the “Urban Hawks and Other Wildlife in Central Park and NYC”. I think I’ll email the webmaster and ask him if he can identify my new friend.

Stay tuned!




2 Responses to “Red-Tailed Hawks In Central Park”

  1. Johnny D August 8, 2011 at 10:37 am #

    I was in Central Park early Saturday night and I saw a red-tail hawk too! This was on the East Side at about 68th Street, so I’m pretty sure it was a different hawk than yours.

  2. sallanscorner August 8, 2011 at 12:26 pm #

    That’s great! I wonder how many Red-Tailed Hawks there are in Central Park, and how large their “territory” is? Thanks for the report!!

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