A Sporty Tuesday in Bryant Park and Times Square (Kevin Love, Anyone?)

28 Jul

A while ago, I had seen this sign in Bryant Park and was very intrigued:

“Meet The Birds” on Tuesdays in the park.

Okay, I want to do that!

So, on a recent Tuesday, I set out to Meet The Birds in Bryant Park.

But, when I got there, I saw this:

“We’re sorry, this Event is Canceled” read the sign.

“What?” I said to myself. “This is for the birds!” (ha – bird humor. Plus – another post for another day; I just learned that “canceled” can properly be spelled with either 1 “L” or 2. Who knew?)

So, no birds to be met, but lots of other activities were going on.

In the park, there is a “Reading Room” – where the library puts out shelves of books and newspapers – free for people to sit and enjoy during their stay in the park.

While I wandered, I saw a Book Club Reading-In-The-Round.

There were ping pong tables set up, where anyone could play

and also a couple of courts of people playing Pétanque.

Who knew that Bryant Park is such a bustling place?!

Not to mention the Carousel, the Accordion Player, the Snack Shops and Restaurants, the Fountain, the Lawn, etc.

After having my fill at the park, I headed back west towards home – passing through Times Square.

What do I see?

Tons of sand, nets, cheerleaders… this must be…

Beach Volleyball in Times Square!

Staring none other that the NBA’s Kevin Love, who is playing Beach Volleyball now during the NBA lockout.

At the time, I didn’t know that Kevin Love’s uncle is Mike Love, of The Beach Boys. Mike is Kevin’s father’s brother. So, what does that make Brian Wilson to Kevin? Brian is Kevin’s father’s cousin.

Does that make Kevin and Brian 2nd cousins?

Can we go back to how many “Ls” there are in “canceled”?

And so ends today’s class, children.




One Response to “A Sporty Tuesday in Bryant Park and Times Square (Kevin Love, Anyone?)”

  1. Johnny D July 28, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    Now I know why there was all that sand in Times Square when I walked home the other night.

    My favorite Bryant Park activity is Piano In The Park. From May through October they have a different jazz pianist playing each week. Here’s the link:


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