Manhattan’s Columbus Circle – A Gypsy Hangout?

22 Jul

When I heard that Borders Books Stores were going out of business, I felt very sad. Punched-In-The-Gut sad. Admittedly, I haven’t shopped there much recently. I, along with pretty much the rest of the country, have procured my books more and more through and local libraries.

So, I’m certainly part of the problem.

But I still felt sad.

I remember when Borders Stores first opened. The wonder of the gigantic store filled with millions of books, books – glorious books!

And now, like record stores – books stores are becoming obsolete.

That makes me very sad.

I decided to go photograph a Borders Book Store.

Document the dinosaur at the brink of its extinction, you might say.

I ended up at Columbus Circle, right on the edge of Central Park here in Manhattan.

Thanks to my good friends at Wikipedia (what would I be without them??), here’s a wonderful photo of Columbus Circle from circa 1907:

and here’s a photo that I took 99 years later (circa 2006), looking out onto that center statue and beyond:

Also, in keeping with yesterday’s theme of NYC-based films, Wikipedia tells us:

Columbus Circle appears in a number of films, including “It Could Happen To You”, “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Eyes Of Laura Mars”, “Home Alone 2”,  “Taxi Driver”, “Die Hard With A Vengeance”, “Enchanted”, “I Am Legend”, “Cloverfield”, “The Other Guys” and the end credits of  “The Odd Couple” (TV Series) .Columbus Circle also appeared in the movie “Ghostbusters”  as the site where the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man begins his trip towards 55 Central Park West, and is used as the somewhat serendipitous dominant location in the movie “August Rush“.”

But, back to my recent visit, and to The Event that happened there…

The Shops At Columbus Circle include a Godiva Chocolate Store

a Williams Sonoma store

a Whole Foods store, which has lovely flowers

and produce

There is a Samsung store, and last – but not least – there is a Borders Book store.

Ah, Borders Book store…

I headed into the store, photographing the books like there was no tomorrow.

Sadly, for Borders Books, there IS NO TOMORROW!

Shelves are beginning to empty.

“Snap, snap, snap” said my camera’s shutter.

Suddenly, I heard a woman calling out to  me. I thought perhaps she was store security, telling me not to take photographs.

But, she looked like this:

Without the crystal ball, head wrap, gold hoop earrings and red shawl.

But otherwise, she looked just like that.

She was tiny and skinny, and Indian. She said that she couldn’t help but notice my Aura and my Vibrations.

She clutched a small, leather pouch.

She said that I am meant for Great Things.

She grabbed my hand and touched it to her arm. “Do you feel my goosebumps?” she asked me.

“What do you do?” she asked.

“Advertising” I answered.

“Ah, but I feel that you want to go in a different direction.” she said confidently.

“Blogging about New York City – can I make a living doing that??” I thought. But mesmerized, I was silent.

“Your Lucky Day is going to be in the 10th month. The 25th day of the 10th month.” she told me.

“October 25th” she said, in case I couldn’t figure it out for myself. “Not that you’re not already lucky, but that day will be especially Lucky for you. That’s the day that things will Turn Around for you.”

“Your Vibes are so strong. May I Read for you?”

“May I take your picture?” I asked her.

“Of course not, you idiot,” she thought. “After I Read for you,” she said. “I am not expensive.”

Then her cell phone in her fanny pack started to ring.

The spell was broken.

I shook my head, and she wandered off into the depths of Borders Books to answer her cell phone.

On my walk home, I thought, “Dang. If October 25 really proves to be a Lucky Day for me, I’m going to wish that I had gotten her cell phone number.”

I’ll let you know on October 26th.






5 Responses to “Manhattan’s Columbus Circle – A Gypsy Hangout?”

  1. Johnny D July 22, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

    Here’s a link to a article that features 14 authors’ reactions to the demise of Borders:

  2. desireephillipps February 1, 2012 at 1:38 am #

    Thank you. I like your stories about NY. Please continue to write and explore the city photographically. Thanks.

    • sallanscorner February 2, 2012 at 8:55 am #

      Thanks for reading! I really appreciate that, and your comments! If you have any ideas of what you’d be interested in, please let me know!!


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