Harry Potter NYC Premiere – I Was There, With A Few Other People…

12 Jul

Yes, I was there. I joined a few Potter Pals and we hung out for a bit…

Saw a star or two.

Screamed our heads off!

Let me start at the beginning.

Here’s the Lincoln Center fountain at about 11:00 am on Monday morning.

Wait, what it that behind the fountain? A little taste of things to come?

A little while later, the red carpet starts to get rolled out. Hm, looks like something rather important is going to be taking place…

A crown has gathered across the street from the plaza.

A crowd with signs.

A LARGE crowd with signs.

The crowd was happy, excited! And the signs were heartfelt

and very funny.

“I’m In Love With A Werewolf”? Wrong movie…

I camped out behind these girls, who had been there since about 8:00 that morning.

A girl with her Golden Snitch

and the ever-present Harry Potter book

A baby bird flew down and landed on this boy’s shoulder. A very good sign! It thought it was an owl!

Here are some Hogwarts students:

As time passed, the stage across the street was all glitz and glamour. They displayed some AWESOME posters.

4:30 pm. The stage was set. It was almost time for The Big Event.

Everyone is excited! Pushing forward. Cameras at the ready. Who is that?? SHRIEK! !

DISCLAIMER: I was far, far away from the stage. In order to show the celebrities, I am cropping way in on my photos. Don’t judge. Don’t throw tomatoes. Don’t hate.

It’s the best I got.


Sarah Jessica Parker walked the red carpet.

I felt really old when I heard someone behind me say “She’s from Sex And The City, right?”

My Hero! Snape – er, Alan Rickman was there. SNAPE SNAPE SNAPE!

Ron (Rupert Grint) as cute as could be:

Hermione (Emma Watson) – as lovely as she could possibly be. She has indeed blossomed into a star.

and… HARRY! Daniel Radcliffe has finally entered the building! I mean, the Red Carpet outside of the building!!

At this point, my poor feet couldn’t take it any longer. I had been standing in one spot for over 7 hours. As I pushed my way to the back and hobbled out of the crowd I heard more cheers. The stars were probably posing together – I saw this picture this morning, thanks to Stephen Lovekin and Getty Images:

But I was happy to get on the next bus heading downtown. Why was I in pain? Some people had been camping out there for 6 days!

We were all happy campers. We had witnessed movie history.

The Final Harry Potter Premiere.

I had tears in my eyes.

Were you there? Were you at the London Premiere?

Are you going to see the movie on Friday?

Tell us about your experience/expectations in the Comments Section.

Thank you Harry Potter. Thank you J.K. Rowling.

Long May You Live.




6 Responses to “Harry Potter NYC Premiere – I Was There, With A Few Other People…”

  1. Johnny D July 12, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

    I thought your pictures came were really good despite being across the street.

  2. Veronica July 13, 2011 at 12:58 pm #

    Excellent photos!

  3. doose July 14, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    Now that is a historic day. New York would do it up just right, and you were there to see it. Good for you and good for Harry, Moose

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