Sunday – Steve Forbert At The Turning Point, Piermont NY

8 Jul

This Sunday afternoon, 7/10/11, if you find yourself in the neighborhood of Piermont New York, give The Turning Point a call (845) 359-1089 to see if they have any tickets available for the 4:00 Steve Forbert show.

Or, call or go on-line right now and buy yourself a ticket.

If you’ve already done that, we’ll see you there.

Hubby and I love going to Piermont for the day. It’s a nice little town just north of Palisades and south of The Tappan Zee bridge, on the west side of the Hudson River. It’s a nice bus ride from the city.

When you arrive, you’ll see this:

and walk a couple of short blocks and you’ll see this:

There are lovely views, and a number of shops and restaurants, all within walking distance of the little venue (the village is just about 1 square mile large, and about half of that is water).

If you don’t know Steve Forbert, go now to check out his website. He offers free music downloads, so you can check out 3 or 4 tunes for nothing more than a click of your mouse by going here.

You’ll likely recognize the song Romeo’s Tune.

I first saw Steve Forbert perform in Atlanta in 1980, when Romeo’s Tune was on the Billboard charts, and getting heavy rotation on the radio.

He was playing with a band, including Paul Errico on keyboard and accordian.

Steve was an earnest young guitar-man with energy to burn, harmonica at the ready and songs bursting out of him. Half country boy, half city boy (Meridian, Mississippi boy transplanted as New York City man), he sang about that transition from small to big town, of yearnings, dreams and plans.

Fast forward 3+ decades.

Steve has played non-stop from then to now. He is a thoughtful guitar-man with energy to burn, harmonica at the ready and songs bursting out of him. His sense of humor, life observations and wisdom all go hand in hand as he pulls from his grab bag of tunes. Sometimes he still plays with a band, sometimes still with Paul Errico

but usually he performs solo. His audience is made up of old faithful fans, along with the newly converted. We call out requests and Steve generously plays many of them, with no set list. He plays and sings songs ranging throughout his career – anything can happen. You want to hear a cover song of Elton John, The Stones, The Kinks – it’s likely to be sung.

But Steve makes it totally his own.

We are lucky in the Northeast to have the opportunity to see Steve perform every couple of months or so.

Again, this Sunday – The Turning Point, in Piermont.

We always see our good Forbert Friends there.

For instance, we’ll see E & M.

Hi, E & M! Can’t wait to see you!

Hopefully Hubby will control himself.

Sometimes, he’s quite the animal. Piermont does that to him. Watch out, T!

Will we see you there? I hope so!

Be sure to check out Steve’s website, and take advantage of those free downloads. Check back in every so often – new songs are posted periodically.

You’ll become one of those newly converted. Promise.





One Response to “Sunday – Steve Forbert At The Turning Point, Piermont NY”

  1. Ellen Girone July 9, 2011 at 11:30 am #

    Hi Sherrie,

    I can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow! YAY!


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