More 88s, And A Mystery Solved

2 Jul

Yesterday I posted about the 88 pianos that are currently scattered around New York City, for all to play for free, before they are donated to schools, hospitals and the like.

I had been humbled and amused after visiting just a couple of the pianos, and witnessing the players – and I wanted to see more.

So, I headed up To Lincoln Center

where there are supposed to be 3 pianos hidden about the area.

Here’s one of them which is near Alice Tully Hall:

and another next to the Metropolitan Opera House:

It was a lovely day, and the atmosphere around Lincoln Center is magical (think “Moonstruck“)

combined with Leonard Bernstein.

Sitting outdoors listening to pianos in this almost sacred area was a joy.

I didn’t find the third piano, which is supposed to be near Broadway and 62nd Street. Can anyone tell me exactly where it is?

Then, I headed to Central Park.

Here is the Sheep Meadow, where once upon a time, they actually grazed sheep.

Hence the name.

Thanks to Wikipedia, here’s a photo by Thaddeus Wilkerson from those times (between 1909 – 1916), and some info about the picture:

Detail of the Thaddeus Wilkerson photo postcard #53, ‘Sheep Fold, Central Park, New York’ (Central Park and 59th St – 90th Street)

At the Tavern On The Green location, which is now a visitors center, gift shop, and food truck circle, there was a piano covered in aluminum foil:

Again, a wonderful spot to sit, relax, and enjoy some free public music. She played quite nicely, and had brought along a couple of notebooks of sheet music. It was extremely pleasant.

There is another piano at the Bandshell in the park. But I didn’t make it to that one; I turned to walk home.

As I walked, I pondered the story about the volunteers replacing the stolen piano from the Bronx park (told in yesterdays post).

This morning, I read this article, which in part says:

Neighbors of the Williamsbridge Oval park in the northwest Bronx were shocked at the disappearance Sunday evening or Monday morning of a public piano, one of 88 pianos placed temporarily around the city by Sing For Hope, a nonprofit arts group. How cruel the thieves must have been. How heartless.

By Thursday, the piano had been replaced with one from a kindly donor.

But still, the mystery remained: who done it?

The Bronx News Network reported Friday that witnesses saw the piano disappear into the maw of a city truck. And Friday evening, a Parks Department spokeswoman explained what happened.

“Parks workers unknowingly discarded the piano, which appeared to have been vandalized and was lying on its side,” said the spokeswoman, who declined to give her name. “We were just alerted to this today and we send our apology to the community and Sing for Hope if any trouble was caused by this.

The vandals remain at large.”

Mystery solved!

Happy July 4th Weekend, everyone!





2 Responses to “More 88s, And A Mystery Solved”

  1. Johnny D July 2, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    Great piano photos!

    • sallanscorner July 2, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

      Thanks! Have you seen any pianos around the city?

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