Yo, Next Time You’re In The City, Why Not Stay At Yotel?

30 Jun

Yotel has entered the neighborhood.

10th Avenue and West 42nd Street.

One of the first things I saw that intrigued me was the Robot in the window.

Excuse me, the Yobot.

Their website calls this “The worlds most radical approach to storing left luggage, it’s fun, efficient and only the beginning of baggage management …”

Except, on the day that I visited, the Yobot seemed to be getting some repair work…

It seems to be a pretty cool hotel. I read this review saying that the introductory room rates begin at $149.00 plus tax. That is VERY reasonable, for the Times Square area. However, check with the hotel before you book a room – or, “cabin”, as they are called – as this rate may be temporary.

The hotel website claims:

A mixture of luxury, fun and excitement, everything you get in a luxury hotel at an affordable price, just two blocks west of Times Square. YOTEL features New York’s largest outdoor terrace, bars, restaurant, studio and gym.”

Here is the self-serve check-in area:

And the lobby and elevator area:

I was keen to check out the rooftop terrace-restaurant:

where I ordered chicken wings (delish!), mushroom eggroll (delish!) and a glass of red wine (delish, but expensive, and served in a plastic glass!)

Despite being a bit costly, the lunch was most enjoyable – sitting outdoors and reading – taking in the view.

I didn’t see the rooms – they are supposed to be tiny yet well-designed.

The review linked to above says:

Aircraft designers were hired to make the rooms feel larger than they are. The tiny desk doubles as a nightstand. An overhead shower fixture delivers water like rain, perhaps to make the stall (no tub) seem more spacious.”

If you stay there, please let me know about your experience!





2 Responses to “Yo, Next Time You’re In The City, Why Not Stay At Yotel?”

  1. Johnny D June 30, 2011 at 1:10 pm #

    Get well soon, Yobot!

    • sallanscorner July 1, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

      Yes, little Yobot – we’re all pulling for you! 🙂
      And, hopefully, no one’s luggage is stranded up top while the Yobot is ill…

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