1920’s Party – Jazz, Flivvers, Hooch and Bees Knees on Governors Island – This Much Fun Should Be Outlawed!

28 Jun

This past weekend, I was transported back in time.


And the living is easy

Fish are jumpin’,

And the cotton is high

Governors Island hosted its 6th annual Jazz-Age Lawn Party.

If you missed it, don’t fret – they’ll be doing it again August 20 & 21, 2011.


I love this era – the costumes, the music, the cars.

It’s only 10$ to get into the lawn area (7$ if you buy your ticket in advance – see link above). And the Ferry to Governors Island is FREE.

You can’t beat this party with a stick!

There’s a 1920’s jazz band

playing all of the standards from the time

and dancing.

Lots of dancing.

Lots of REALLY GOOD dancing.

Beautifully-costumed people dancing.

They were having fun dancing

and I was having fun watching!

When the band wasn’t playing, there were victrolas playing 78s.

or people on the lawn making their own music

There were a couple of vintage cars

which made for a great backdrop

for the decked-out partiers.

There was food, drink and ice cream available to purchase.

But, the people-watching was the main event.

The costumes were spectacular.

as were the mustaches

as were the tattoos.

Your Daddy’s rich

And your Mama’s good-lookin’

So hush little baby

Don’t you cry

Each flapper was more lovely than the next…

They were just the cat’s pajamas!

And the guys would not be outshined by the gals.

It was like being on a movie set – having all-access – and NOT being told “No Pictures!”


“Say Cheese!”

I had so much fun, I’ll likely go again in August.

And, definitely, I’ll be there next June!



PS Yes, I know that “Summertime” was written around 1933 and not in 1929, but the Gershwin/Heyward song was stuck in my head, and felt quite appropriate for my memoir of this lovely Jazz-Age Lawn Party.

Now, it’s stuck in your head too!

You’re welcome.


















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