Gay Pride, Andrew Cuomo, Sandra Lee And Cupcakes

27 Jun

Yesterday’s Gay Pride Parade here in New York City was quite the PAR-TAY.

There was much dancing in the street.

I totally loved this guy in his white wedding dress

and I cheered at this sign:

This fellow was swinging on the street sign, where it all began in the summer of ’69

Flags and beads were everywhere

as were references to marriages

Parade members were carrying signs saying “I Do” and “Thank You Governor Cuomo”

I didn’t see the whole parade – it went on for over 6 hours! I wish I had seen Governor Cuomo go by; I read in The New York Times that:

“Mr. Cuomo marched with several local politicians, including Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and the New York City Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, who is gay. But there was little question that the governor was the parade’s rock star, eliciting shrieks as he made his way down Fifth Avenue.

The roar became almost deafening as the parade turned onto Christopher Street in the West Village.”

WOW – I can just imagine.

The Times goes on to report:

“It was Mr. Cuomo who basked in the crowd’s attention, beaming and pointing at individuals along the route.

“I’ve been to the parade many times, and there’s always a lot of energy and it’s always been a ball, but this was special,” the governor said as he stepped out of the parade on Christopher Street. “I think you’re going to see this message resonate all across the country now. If New York can do it, it’s O.K. for every other place to do it.”

“In a rare public appearance with the governor, Mr. Cuomo’s girlfriend, Sandra Lee, a celebrity chef who has a gay brother, marched by his side. Ms. Lee figured into Mr. Cuomo’s deliberations over same-sex marriage, according to those who know the couple: she repeatedly reminded him that she wanted the law changed.”


For those who do not know, Sandra Lee is a celebrity on The Food Network. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of her show. But, I am a fan of the woman. She was the oldest of a gaggle of children, and after her folks divorced, she helped raise the younger kids, while the family was on welfare.

And, according to the paper, she may have been the driving force behind the Governor and the signing of the Same-Sex Marriage bill.

Last year, when I was working at a large agency, we had a Cupcake Contest, and they brought Ms. Lee in as the Final Judge.

Here were the Cupcake Finalists:

And here is the panel of judges, Ms. Lee in the center:

I became a fan of the woman on that day. She was very warm and personable – not at all overly-sweet and bubbly.

Turns out our Cupcake Contest was one of many that she was sponsoring, for Share Our Strength – an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America.

She may be Ms. Lee today, but I have a feeling that sometime down the road, she may be First Lady. What do you think?

BTW, my favorite cupcake in the bunch – the piggy – was not the winning cupcake. I think the winner was the chocolate cupcake.

But the piggy cake will always be the winner in my heart.

Thank you, Governor Cuomo and Sandra Lee.




2 Responses to “Gay Pride, Andrew Cuomo, Sandra Lee And Cupcakes”

  1. Johnny D June 28, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    Who could resist a piggy cupcake!

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