Dads Heart Mermaids

19 Jun

I was all ready to do a Father’s Day blog today – with classic photos of my Dad, and touching stories and memories, joyful and tearful.

But then, I thought – this is supposed to be *For* Dads, not necessarily *About* Dads.

Hence – today’s topic – yesterday’s Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade:

I took my stance in front of Nathan’s. Watched as the parade members began to gather.

Beer Can Boys and the Band

some of the guys

and some of the media

This mermaid just can’t…put…the…cell…phone…down…

A pole dancer being driven to “the starting gate”

Froggy was VERY excited!

and The Parade begins!

The Queen Mermaid and The King Neptune ride by:

and lots of nearly naked people

Here’s that mermaid again, this time sans phone

Here’s a little something for the ladies:

Sorry! Definitely there was more eye-candy for the guys…

Here’re some little, glitter-tossing mermaids

Froggy is having the time of his life!

Watching the big mermaids

More mermaids

The Naked Cowgirl wouldn’t miss it!

Nor would Sea Haw And The Sea Haw Honeys

Merpeople everywhere you looked!

And Lady Godiva

Just look at her lashes!

and look at her tattoo.

Sweet little fish-bikes:

and fish nets

Blue mermaids

and the Rear Admiral

Let’s try a couple of close ups:

All too soon, The Parade was at The End.

A VERY FUN TIME was had by all!

Happy Father’s Day!

And, you’re welcome!




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