Lightning Strikes New York City

17 Jun

We’ve had some awesome thunder and lightning storms move through the New York City area last night and today.

I don’t know if it’s related, but we also didn’t have internet service for much of the day.

So, now that the service is working later in the evening – to keep this short and sweet – I am posting some fantastic NYC lightning strike photographs that I found on Google Image Search.

I’ll credit the photographer if that information was given – in a couple of cases the images were of posters being sold on-line, and sadly no photography credit was given.

As always, if anyone objects to their photo being used here, please contact me and I’ll remove the image immediately.

And now – are you ready for the awesomeness???

This one is amazing! It’s by a photographer named Jay Fine. He talks about it on his Flickr site.

Here’s one that I love – it’s from 1945, but had no photo credit.

Here’s another astounding lightning visual by a photographer named Herman Hernandez:

How do you like this one, with The Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground? Sorry, no photo credit – this is a poster for sale. You can purchase it here.

And, one more lovely photo of lightning in New York City. It’s by photographer James Maher.

Thank you, all you talented and fearless photographers who capture these stunning images in frightful weather conditions! Your photos leave me speechless!

Stay safe and dry, everyone!




2 Responses to “Lightning Strikes New York City”

  1. sweatingoutdoors June 17, 2011 at 8:53 pm #

    I always wonder how you get lightning photos. Do you just have to be extremely lucky? Does one simply go out in the middle of a thunderstorm and start shooting? I never seem to be lucky in my photographic endeavors.

    • sallanscorner June 18, 2011 at 8:18 am #

      Hi – thanks for visiting! Well, the photographer of the 1st photo (Statue Of Liberty) talks a little about his capture on his Flickr site
      NY Harbor Wednesday Night
      He says in part:
      “This was taken during a major electrical storm using a tripod mounted Nikon D300s with a 60mm f2.8 Nikon lens and a remote shutter release. The exposure was 5 seconds at F10. The RAW file was converted to a DNG file and processed in Photoshop CS3. There was no PS manipulation except for some Curve adjustments and cropping the image square. It took 82 shots before I captured this one.”

      Another photographer I was reading about said that he was in a large, opened window.

      You sure don’t want to be outside unprotected trying to shoot during an electrical storm! I think you need to find an optimal location, be prepared to shoot a lot, and be very lucky. 🙂

      Let us know if you get any great shots. And I’m going to check out your site now!

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