Watching The Filming Of “Boardwalk Empire” In New York City, And Running Into Will Smith

13 Jun

Hubby and I do not have HBO, so we’ve never watched its hit show “Boardwalk Empire“, staring Steve Buscemi.

But, when I read recently that the TriBeCa street Cortlandt Alley was being transformed into a 1920-era set for filming of part of the show, I was eager to go down to take a peek.

Here’s what Cortlandt Alley normally looks like:

But when I got down there on filming day, the first thing I saw was the north side of the street – behind the set – where up in the air “washed garments” were hung to “dry”.

And then I walked another block south, to the front of the set.

Yuck, is that a cart filled with sides of beef??

No kids, just a cart full of props – *pretending* to be sides of beef. Whew!

I love this time period – thanks to my extensive Grandparents Research in the 1920s, so I particularly dug the vintage 1920s cars

and the wardrobe. (Sorry – when the actors were on set, we were sternly told “No Photography”, so I didn’t get any good, clear photos of the costumes.)

I did get a kick out of this one, with the chauffeur on his cell phone in between takes.

Here is the set – a grimy, gray, working class neighborhood:

and here is a tighter crop of the set – you can see the actress in the period hat *right* in front of the camera. Maybe you need to enlarge the picture to see her…

After this excitement, I started to head back home, and then recalled that “Men In Black 3” was still reported to be filming in the city.

I headed a few blocks towards SoHo, and soon saw filming notifications.

And who did I almost run right in to?

None other than Will Smith, himself.

He was heading to a trailer while they broke for lunch, I overheard him say.

It was a good, movie-making kind of day in New York City!



P.S. I couldn’t help myself; here is a picture of my Grandmother (on my mom’s side) in 1927 – she’s the passenger in the front of the car. The date on the photo is 1927, but I’m betting that the car itself is a few years old:

and here’s my Grandfather (on my dad’s side) beside his car, no date but I’m guessing about 1925?

Does anyone know how to date these cars? Please tell me, if you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!   🙂

I LOVE these old cars!!!


2 Responses to “Watching The Filming Of “Boardwalk Empire” In New York City, And Running Into Will Smith”

  1. Johnny D June 13, 2011 at 10:10 am #

    Great photo of your grandmother in the car with built-in air conditioning!

    • sallanscorner June 13, 2011 at 10:12 am #

      Haha – you’re absolutely right! I wonder what they did in the winter time??

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