Goofy Golf On Governors Island

6 Jun

I’ve gotta hand it to Hubby. Sometimes he has brilliant ideas!

Like yesterday, when he said “Let’s go play Mini Golf”.

There is a temporary Mini Golf Course on Governors Island – it’s there through September 25th.


Except, I call it Goofy Golf.

Is that a Southern expression?

I don’t know – but whichever, I was totally up for it.

We took the subway (and a shuttle bus – check the MTA website to see if your train is running full service) downtown to the Battery Maritime Building to catch the FREE ferry to Governors Island.

This building is beautiful – it was completed in 1909.

Here we are going through the back of the building to board the ferry:

and here is the view of The Brooklyn Bridge and The Manhattan Bridge as we depart The Island Of Manhattan:

and, the sparkling city herself:

Yes, it was a cloudy, gray day – but cool – and perfect for Goofy Golf!

We debark onto Governors Island, and ask for directions to the golf site.

But first, a stop at Water Taxi Beach, for lunch.

Don’t you just love this? A sand beach, with “palm trees” and picnic tables, right on the water overlooking The Big Apple.

The burgers, grilled corn and sangria were just icing on the cake!

Then, we walked across the island to the golf site.

Governors Island is about 1/2 mile from the tip of Manhattan, and the ferry ride from the Maritime Building is only about a 5-minute journey. There is also a ferry to the island from Brooklyn. The island is currently open to the public Fridays through Sundays.

According to its website, the island was officially named Governors Island in 1784. It has been a military facility for more than 200 years – used in 1776 during The Revolutionary War, and since then has been a U.S. Army post, and a U.S. Coast Guard post – up until 1996.

It is now a park and is a National Historic Landmark.

Did I mention that it is free to visit, and the ferry is also free?

And the golf, while it is there, is also FREE!

The Goofy Golf theme is Insects.

Now, that’s just Goofy!

Here’s Hubby on a giant fly swatter:

At this Ant Hole, he claims he made a hole in one.

I think I blinked, and missed the action.

Can he be trusted?

Here’s a closer view of the giant ants at this hole:

We quit keeping score, as the golfing became more and more challenging. But regardless of who won (Hubby) we had LOTS of fun!

Speaking of animals, there were polo ponies there on the island.

But, I think that’s a topic for another blog, another day…

As we departed on a return ferry, we got to say “hello” to Lady Liberty.

What a wonderful outing!

Thanks Hubby, for another great idea.



P.S. Here’s a bit of trivia for you… (thanks to my pals at Wikipedia):

“The Smothers Brothers were both born on Governors Island in New York Harbor, where their father, Thomas B. Smothers, a West Point graduate and U.S. Army officer, was stationed.”


6 Responses to “Goofy Golf On Governors Island”

  1. Johnny D June 6, 2011 at 11:58 am #

    I never thought I’d see the New York skyline framed by palm trees! Nice!!

  2. doose June 6, 2011 at 3:21 pm #

    I am reminded that one summer I was part-time night time manager of a goofy golf course. The full time manager was a med student at Emory and when he was tied up studying or in class I would fill in for him. I t was at the intersection of N. Decatur and Clairmont and Uncle Dave would come by with the Rum and I would supply the Coke (cola, that is) and between handing out balls and clubs we would have a lot of fun.

    • sallanscorner June 7, 2011 at 8:50 am #

      Great story! That Uncle Dave sure knew how to throw a party! 🙂


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