Coney Island Love Affair

5 Jun

I am in love with Coney Island. Just about a 1-hour subway ride from Times Square, and you are transported into a different world.

A Magical, Seaside, Historical Playground.

It’s changing – some say for the worse – but so far I’m still very much in love.

Sure, “Shoot The Freak” is no longer there, but I never Shot The Freak, so I don’t miss that.

I love the pier. It has not changed.

I love standing on the pier and looking out at the beach and the surf. No change. And, just smell that air!

I love looking at the rides – like The Wonder Wheel.

And The Cyclone.

I love the history on the walls at Ruby’s.

All of this, for the cost of a couple of subway rides? What’s NOT to Love??

(Disclaimer – of course, to ride the rides or eat the food you must shell out some do-re-mi.)

This Love Affair of mine will go on and on. And this topic will be continued… more pictures to come.

In the mean time – thanks to eBay – here are some vintage postcards of My Love.




One Response to “Coney Island Love Affair”

  1. Johnny D June 6, 2011 at 10:22 am #

    I can almost smell the salt air just looking at your photos!

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