Manhattanhenge 2011

2 Jun

I wish that I could tell you that I captured many exquisite, stunning photographic images of this year’s Manhattanhenge.

I certainly tried.

But, I guess I’m not the tough paparazzi  photographer that one needs to be, to be Top Photographer.

I recently blogged about this biannual NYC event known as Manhattanhenge – you can read that blog entry here.

I have never tried to photograph the event, so I was looking forward to it this year.

The magic moment was to be at 8:17 PM.

I headed east at about 6:30.

My destination was the overpass at Tudor City. But, when I got there, it looked like this:

A *few* photographers had gotten there before me.

It was a Photo Frenzy.

I took a shot or two of the crowd, then departed this scene with my tail more or less between my legs.

It was still well over an hour before The Event!

My second destination was Park Avenue, when it goes up in front of Grand Central Station.

When I got there, it looked like this:

I started walking up there anyway, along Park Avenue – until a taxi driver slowed down enough to shout at me through his window – “You’re not supposed to go up there! The cops will come along and give you a $500.00 fine!”

I decided that this photo wouldn’t be worth $500.00, so I headed back down to 40th Street.

The sunset glow was just starting. I waited patiently…

until a truck driver slowed down enough to shout at me through his window – “You won’t get the angle of the sun here – you need to go further east!”

New Yorkers are so helpful!

So, I walked back towards which I had come, snapping this half-heartedly along the way, at about 8:19 PM.

Let’s just say – you have to get up pretty early to shoot the sunset in this town!                : )




One Response to “Manhattanhenge 2011”

  1. seti July 9, 2013 at 12:31 pm #

    Great pictures…just learned of Manhatten-hendge today.

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