Top Of The Rock

24 May

I was encouraged Not to go.

They almost refused my money.

But I wanted to go, so they begrudgingly took my money, and up I went.

It was a foggy day in New York town.

Rockefeller Center usually looks like this:

It’s a wonderful destination, for tourists and locals alike.

There are quite a few sights within the complex.

NBC Studios


News sculpure, from 1940

Radio City Music Hall, which is spectacular at all times, but maybe most of all at Christmas time.

With the holiday lights aglitter

You can buy tickets and go to The Top Of The Rock at night

which I really want to do sometime – it will be wonderful to see the city all lit up at night.

But like I said, when I went, during the day, they tried to discourage me.

It was a very foggy day, and they didn’t want me to be unhappy with the view – or lack of – once I got to the top.

But, I loved it.

For one, it wasn’t very crowded.

And, the fog began to clear.

It was very scenic and romantic to me.

The Empire State Building towered above the mist.

Some people were just not impressed, even as the fog lifted. This kid couldn’t tear his eyes away from his video game.

And this fellow took advantage of his reading material.

Whether you are a New Yorker for real, or one at heart and visiting – be sure to go to The Top Of The Rock. No matter sunshine or fog, the view is astounding.

When I go up at night, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it!




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